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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Fuzzy based Novel Pitch Angle Control Strategy for Wind Energy SystemNaik K.A.; Gupta, Chandra Prakash
2018A Review on Issues and Coordination Strategies for over Current Protection in MicrogridNaveen P.; Jena, Premalata
2018A Small Scale Microgrid Planning based on Battery SOC for a Grid-connected Microgrid comprising of PV SystemKumar M.; Tyagi, Barjeev
2018Adaptive Filtration Techniques for Impulsive Noise Removal from ECGSingh P.; Bhole K.; Sharma, Ambalika
2018An efficient RF tracking technique with spread spectrum signal at sensitivity levelVerma T.K.; Pathak, Nagendra Prasad
2018Analysis of adverse effects due to zeros in non-minimum phase discrete-time linear systemsBose S.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay; Hanwate S.D.
2018Analysis of Carrier Based SPWM Techniques for Grid Connected Modular Multilevel ConverterTalasila H.; Chakraborty R.; Davis T.T.; Dey, Anubrata
2018Analysis of Sliding Mode Control for Network Connected Speed Control of DC MotorSamantaray J.; Chakrabarty, Sohom
2018Design of a Magnetron Injection Gun for a 4 MW, 170 GHz, Coaxial Cavity GyrotronJose D.A.; Yuvaraj S.; Chauhan M.S.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Illy S.
2018Development of Semi supervised Classifier for SAR Image Pattern RecognitionVerma N.; Kumawat P.; Mishra P.; Purohit N.; Singh, Dharmendra
2018Economic Aspects of Integrated Renewable Energy System for remote area electrificationPathak D.P.; Khatod, Dheeraj Kumar
2018Extreme Learning ANFIS Control of a Flexible Link ManipulatorShihabudheen K.V.; Pillai, Gopinatha Nath
2017Improvement of Energy Concentration in S-transform using Maximally Concentrated WindowSingh N.; Pradhan, Pyari Mohan
2018Investigation on stator winding interturn fault in induction motor using the autotransformer based approachKrishna M.S.R.; Wang D.; Seshadrinath, Jeevanand; Nguyen V.H.; Vaiyapuri V.
2018On the selection of Radiating Elements for Electronically Steered Phased Array Antenna for SATCOM ApplicationsKumar R.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata
2018Optimum utilization of Alternative sources of energy for an un-electrified remote areaPathak D.P.; Khatod, Dheeraj Kumar
2018Reduced Capacitor Stress Enhanced-Boost Improved-Z-Source InverterJagan V.; Das, Sharmili
2018Renewable Energy Source based Hybrid Power Generation Scheme for Off-grid Rural ElectrificationPatel A.M.; Singal, Sunil Kumar
2018Shunt Hybrid Active Filter by Using Cascaded H Bridge Multilevel InverterMuneer V.; Bhattacharya, Avik
2018Super Imposed Negative Sequence Power Based Islanding Detection TechniqueGanivada P.K.; Jena, Premalata