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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Active ceria-calcium oxide catalysts for dimethyl carbonate synthesis by conversion of CO2Kumar P.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra; Gläser R.; With P.; Mishra I.M.
2016Beneficiation studies of a difficult to treat iron ore using conventional and microwave roastingRath S.S.; Dhawan, Nikhil; Rao D.S.; Das B.; Mishra B.K.
2013CFD modeling and analysis of dense phase pneumatic conveying of fine particles including particle size distributionBehera N.; Agarwal, Vijaykumar; Jones M.G.; Williams K.C.
2009Compaction and sintering response of mechanically alloyed Cu-Cr powderLahiri, Indranil; Bhargava S.
2020Evaluation of carbothermal reduction for processing of banded hematite jasper oreRayapudi V.; Agrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2016Experimental and numerical investigation of fluid flow hydrodynamics in porous media: Characterization of pre-Darcy, Darcy and non-Darcy flow regimesKundu P.; Kumar, Vimal; Mishra I.M.
2019Experimental study on flow and rheological behavior of oil-in-water emulsions in unconsolidated porous media: Effect of particle size and phase volume fractionsKundu P.; Kumar, Vimal; Mishra I.M.
2021High nitrogen alloying of AISI 316 L stainless steel powder by nitridingQadri S.A.R.; Sasidhar K.N.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2017Hydraulic performance and erosive wear of centrifugal slurry pumps - A reviewTarodiya R.; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.
1999Hydrodynamic behavior of slurry bubble column at high solids concentrationsGandhi, Bhupendra K.; Prakash A.; Bergougnou M.A.
2019Investigation of planetary ball milling of sericite for potash recoverySingh Y.P.; Tanvar H.; Kumar G.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2007Nanocrystalline titanium powders by high energy attrition millingDabhade, Vikram V.; Rama Mohan T.R.; Ramakrishnan P.
2020Nitridation and hydrogen reduction of Fe-2.3 wt% Al alloy powderYadav A.S.; Kürnsteiner P.; Jägle E.A.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2009On the formation of phases by mechanical alloying and their thermal stability in Al-Mn-Ce systemMula, Suhrit; Ghosh S.; Pabi S.K.
2015Strain-free graphite nanoparticle synthesis by mechanical millingPanjiar H.; Gakkhar R.P.; Daniel, B. S.S.