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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Bamboo fibre-reinforced self-compatibilizing functionalized polypropylene composites by Palsule processBiswas K.; Palsule, Sanjay
2015Concept of tercet molecular nanocomposites and preliminary studies on [PPTA/(PA-6/PA-66)] system of miscible blend of polyamide-6/polyamide-6,6 molecularly reinforced at nano level by poly(p-phenylene-terephthalamide)Palsule, Sanjay; Baijal A.; Bhati, Sampat Singh
2021Effect of addition of hydroxyapatite as secondary filler in CNT-reinforced polypropylene hybrid compositesChaudhary B.; Panwar V.; Roy T.; Pal, Kaushik
2021Effect of fiber hybridization on mechanical, thermal, and water absorption behavior of HF/CF/HDPE compositesSrivastava P.; Sinha, Shishir N.
2019Epoxy-based composites reinforced with African teff straw (Eragrostis tef) for lightweight applicationsDevnani G.L.; Sinha, Shishir N.
2010Influence of nanoclay on the morphology, adhesive and mechanical properties of polysulfide modified epoxy resinGuchhait P.K.; Pradhan S.; Kumar K.D.; Maji, Pradip K.; Bhowmick A.K.
2010Liquid silicone rubber vulcanizates: Network structure-property relationship and cure kineticsRajesh G.; Maji, Pradip K.; Bhattacharya M.; Choudhury A.; Roy N.; Saxena A.; Bhowmick A.K.
2019Mechanical and thermal behaviour of food waste (Citrus limetta peel) fillers–based novel epoxy compositesSharma H.; Singh, Inderdeep; Misra J.P.
2016Progressive damage of GFRP composite plate under ballistic impact: Experimental and numerical studyAnsari M.M.; Chakrabarti, Anupam
2019Structure and properties of recycled bamboo fiber reinforced chemically functionalized ethylene propylene rubber compositesDinesh; Palsule, Sanjay