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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20156+ isomers in neutron-rich Sn isotopes beyond N=82 and effective interactionsMaheshwari B.; Jain A.K.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra
2007Beam energy dependence of Coulomb-nuclear interference in the breakup of Be11Chatterjee, Rajdeep
2014Breakdown of the N=8 magic number near the neutron drip line from parallel momentum distribution analysesShubhchintak; Chatterjee, Rajdeep
2012Coriolis contribution to excited states of deformed 163Dy and 173Yb nuclei with multiple mass parametersErmamatov M.J.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Fraser P.R.; Stránský P.; Morales I.O.
2008Coulomb dissociation of Li9 and the rate of the 8Li(n,γ)9Li reactionBanerjee P.; Chatterjee, Rajdeep; Shyam R.
2002Coulomb-nuclear interference in the breakup of 11BeChatterjee, Rajdeep; Shyam R.
2009Dissociation of quarkonium in a hot QCD medium: Modification of the interquark potentialAgotiya V.; Chandra V.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2013Effect of angular momentum on giant dipole resonance observables in the 28Si+116Cd reactionMukul I.; Roy A.; Sugathan P.; Gehlot J.; Mohanto G.; Madhavan N.; Nath S.; Dubey R.; Mazumdar I.; Gothe D.A.; Kaur M.; Kumar A.K.R.; Arumugam, Paramasivan
2015Effects of thermal shape fluctuations and pairing fluctuations on the giant dipole resonance in warm nucleiRhine Kumar A.K.; Arumugam, Paramasivan; Dang N.D.
2015Electrical conductivity of an anisotropic quark gluon plasma: A quasiparticle approachSrivastava P.K.; Thakur L.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2010Evidence of antimagnetic rotation in odd-A Cd105Choudhury D.; Jain A.K.; Patial M.; Gupta N.; Arumugam, Paramasivan; Dhal A.; Sinha R.K.; Chaturvedi L.; Joshi P.K.; Trivedi T.; Palit R.; Kumar S.; Garg R.; Mandal S.; Negi D.; Mohanto G.; Muralithar S.; Singh R.P.; Madhavan N.; Bhowmik R.K.; P
2013Evolution of octupole collectivity in 221ThTandel S.K.; Hemalatha M.; Deo, A. Y.; Patel S.B.; Palit R.; Trivedi T.; Sethi J.; Saha S.; Biswas D.C.; Mukhopadhyay S.
2012Experimental investigation of shell-model excitations of 89Zr up to high spinSaha S.; Palit R.; Sethi J.; Trivedi T.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Kumar S.; Naidu B.S.; Donthi R.; Jadhav S.; Biswas D.C.; Garg U.; Goswami A.; Jain H.C.; Joshi P.K.; Mukherjee G.; Naik Z.; Nag S.; Nanal V.; Pillay R.G.; Saha S.; Singh A.K.
2009Experimental study of nuclei in the vicinity of the "island of inversion" through the fusion-evaporation reactionChakrabarti R.; Mukhopadhyay S.; Krishichayan; Chakraborty A.; Ghosh A.; Ray S.; Ghugre S.S.; Sinha A.K.; Chaturvedi L.; Deo, A. Y.; Mazumdar I.; Joshi P.K.; Palit R.; Naik Z.; Kumar S.; Madhavan N.; Singh R.P.; Muralithar S.; Yogi B.K.; Garg U.
2008Fine structure in proton radioactivity: An accurate tool to ascertain the breaking of axial symmetry in Tm145Arumugam, Paramasivan; Ferreira L.S.; Maglione E.
2011First superheavy element experiments at the GSI recoil separator TASCA: The production and decay of element 114 in the Pu244(Ca48,3-4n) reactionGates J.M.; Düllmann C.E.; Schädel M.; Yakushev A.; Türler A.; Eberhardt K.; Kratz J.V.; Ackermann D.; Andersson L.-L.; Block M.; Brüchle W.; Dvorak J.; Essel H.G.; Ellison P.A.; Even J.; Forsberg U.; Gellanki J.; Gorshkov A.; Graeger R.; Gregorich K.E.; Hartmann W.; Herzberg R.-D.; Heßberger F.P.; Hild D.; Hübner A.; Jäger E.; Khuyagbaatar J.; Kindler B.; Krier J.; Kurz N.; Lahiri S.; Liebe D.; Lommel B.; Maiti, Moumita; Nitsche H.; Omtvedt J.P.; Parr E.; Rudolph D.; Runke J.; Schaffner H.; Schausten B.; Schimpf E.; Semchenkov A.; Steiner J.; Thörle-Pospiech P.; Uusitalo J.; Wegrzecki M.; Wiehl N.
2003Full quantal theory of one-neutron halo breakup reactionsChatterjee, Rajdeep
2004Giant dipole resonance and Jacobi transition with exact treatment of fluctuationsArumugam, Paramasivan; Shanmugam G.; Patra S.K.
2014High spin band structure of 3885 Sr47Kumar S.; Kumar N.; Mandal S.; Pancholi S.C.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Jain A.K.; Palit R.; Saha S.; Sethi J.; Naidu B.S.; Donthi R.; Joshi P.K.; Trivedi T.; Muralithar S.; Singh R.P.; Kumar R.; Dhal A.; Bhowmik R.K.
2007High spin structure of Nd139Kumar S.; Palit R.; Jain H.C.; Mazumdar I.; Joshi P.K.; Roy S.; Deo, A. Y.; Naik Z.; Malik S.S.; Jain A.K.