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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An insight into the communication between β-olefin/phenyl olefin-mediated acceptors and porphyrin π-system: A way to establish porphyrin based chemodosimeters and chemosensorsChahal M.K.; Sankar M.; Butcher R.J.
2019Atomistic simulations to study the effect of grain boundaries and hydrogen functionalization on the fracture toughness of bi-crystalline h-BN nanosheetsSharma B.B.; Parashar A.
2015Direct observation of key photoinduced dynamics in a potential nano-delivery vehicle of cancer drugsSardar S.; Chaudhuri S.; Kar P.; Sarkar S.; Lemmens P.; Pal S.K.
2017Dislocation assisted crack healing in h-BN nanosheetsKumar R.; Parashar A.
2020Elucidating tuneable ambipolar charge transport and field induced bleaching at the CH3NH3PbI3/electrolyte interfaceSrivastava P.; Bag M.
2019Enhanced thermal transport across a bi-crystalline graphene-polymer interface: An atomistic approachVerma A.; Kumar R.; Parashar A.
2012Photosensitization of nanoparticulate TiO 2 using a Re(i)-polypyridyl complex: Studies on interfacial electron transfer in the ultrafast time domainKar P.; Banerjee T.; Verma S.; Sen A.; Das A.; Ganguly B.; Ghosh H.N.
2011Pyrene-based organic dyes with thiophene containing π-linkers for dye-sensitized solar cells: Optical, electrochemical and theoretical investigationsBaheti A.; Lee C.-P.; Thomas K.R.J.; Ho K.-C.
2017The effect of STW defects on the mechanical properties and fracture toughness of pristine and hydrogenated grapheneVerma A.; Parashar A.
2001The effect of ultrasound irradiation on polycrystalline MoO3Jeevanandam P.; Diamant Y.; Motiei M.; Gedanken A.
2015Ultra-wide bandwidth with enhanced microwave absorption of electroless Ni-P coated tetrapod-shaped ZnO nano- and microstructuresNajim M.; Modi G.; Mishra Y.K.; Adelung R.; Singh D.; Agarwala V.
2016Understanding the anomalous behavior of Vegard's law in Ce1-: XMxO2 (M = Sn and Ti; 0 < x ≤ 0.5) solid solutionsBaidya T.; Bera P.; Kröcher O.; Safonova O.; Abdala P.M.; Gerke B.; Pöttgen R.; Priolkar K.R.; Mandal T.K.