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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Concentration-gradient-driven anisotropic spinodal decomposition kinetics: nitriding of metallic alloysSasidhar K.N.; Gururajan M.P.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2020Development of dual-phase SiC/Si3N4 nanostructures on nanosized SiC particlesRajavel Muthaiah V.M.; Meka, Sai Ramudu; Manoj Kumar, Balabhadrapatruni Venkata
2019Effect of elasto-plastic compatibility of grains on void-initiation criteria in low-carbon steelKarmakar, Anish; Barat K.
2014Effect of epitaxial strain on phase separation in thin filmsLahiri, Arka; Abinandanan T.A.; Gururajan M.P.; Bhattacharyya S.
2006Light emission associated with the 5D0 → 7F3 forbidden transition in Eu3+ cations dispersed in an Eu3+:Al2O3 mesoporous structureMohanty, Paritosh; Ram S.
2013Octapod-shaped, nanosized, amorphous precipitates in a crystalline ferrite matrixMeka, Sai Ramudu; Bischoff E.; Rheingans B.; Mittemeijer E.J.
2020Statistical modelling of microsegregation in laser powder-bed fusionGhosh, Supriyo; Seede R.; James J.; Karaman I.; Elwany A.; Allaire D.; Arroyave R.
1992The role of antiphase boundary energy in influencing intergranular failure in iron aluminidesPrakash, Ujjwal; Buckley R.A.; Jones H.; Greenwood G.W.