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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Coupled strip-slot waveguide design for dispersion compensationMann V.; Ashok N.; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2014Derivative free method for computing modes of multilayer planar waveguideSemwal G.; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2014Design of segmented cladding fiber for femtosecond laser pulse delivery at 1550 and 1064 nm wavelengthsHooda B.; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2018Dual-core few mode EDFA for amplification of 20 modesGaur A.; Kumar G.; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2020FDTD simulation studies on improvement of light absorption in organic solar cells by dielectric nanoparticlesMann V.; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2020Highly sensitive bimetallic plasmonic sensing probe for aqueous samplesMishra S.K.; Malviya K.D.; Mishra, Akhilesh Kumar
2020Highly sensitive plasmonic bimetallic sensing probe for aqueous samplesMishra S.K.; Malviya K. D.; Mishra A.K.