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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020CFD analysis of suspended debris during postulated severe core damage accident of PHWRDutt N.; Singh A.R.; Sahoo, Pradeep K.
2015Characterization of microstructural, mechanical and thermal properties and ageing study of Th-3 wt.% U alloyDas S.; Kumar R.; Kaity S.; Neogy S.; Hareendran K.N.; Roy S.B.; Dey G.K.; Daniel, B. S.S.; Chaudhari, G. P.
2016Comparative performance of passive devices for piping system under seismic excitationKumar, Praveen Kishore; Jangid R.S.; Reddy G.R.
2014Damage assessment of nuclear containment against aircraft crashIqbal, Mohammad Ashraf; Sadique M.R.; Bhargava, Pradeep; Bhandari N.M.
2018Effect of eccentricity of pressure tube on circumferential temperature distribution of PHWR fuel bundle under postulated accident conditionSharma M.; Kumar R.; Majumdar P.; Mukhopadhyay D.
2013Effect of jet diameter on the maximum surface heat flux during quenching of hot surfaceAgrawal C.; Kumar R.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Chatterjee B.
2021Experimental and numerical study of 19-pin disassembled fuel channel under severe accident conditionKumar R.; Mishra, Manish; Gokhale O.; Mukhopadhyay D.
2019Experimental investigation of radiation heat transfer in coolant channel under impaired cooling scenario for Indian PHWRAjay K.; Kumar R.; Mukhopadhyay D.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Das, Arup Kumar; Gokhale O.
2010Experimental investigation of sagging of a completely voided pressure tube of Indian PHWR under heatup conditionNandan G.; Sahoo, Pradeep K.; Kumar R.; Chatterjee B.; Mukhopadhyay D.; Lele H.G.
2013Experimental investigation of symmetric and asymmetric heating of pressure tube under accident conditions for Indian PHWRYadav A.K.; Majumdar P.; Kumar R.; Chatterjee B.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Lele H.G.
2013Experimental simulation of asymmetric heat up of coolant channel under small break LOCA condition for PHWRYadav A.K.; Majumdar P.; Kumar R.; Chatterjee B.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Mukhopadhyay D.
2021Experimental study on thermally assisted sagging deflection and interaction of multiple coolant channelsSingh A.R.; Tariq, Andallib; Majumdar P.; Mukhopadhyay D.
2020Experimental study on thermo-mechanical deformation of PHWR channel at elevated temperatureSingh A.R.; Tariq, Andallib; Majumdar P.
2017Full length channel pressure tube sagging study under postulated LOCA with un-availability of ECCS in an Indian PHWRNegi S.; Kumar R.; Majumdar P.; Mukopadhyay D.
2017Full length channel Pressure Tube sagging under completely voided full length pressure tube of an Indian PHWRNegi S.; Kumar R.; Majumdar P.; Mukopadhyay D.
2020Influence of PT-CT contact on PHWR fuel channel thermal behaviour under accident condition- An experimental studyAjay K.; Kumar R.; Mukhopadhyay D.;  Gokhale O.; Gupta A.; Das A.K.
2018Investigation of the channel disassembly behaviour of Indian 200MWe PHWR – A numerical approachSingh A.R.; Sahoo, Pradeep K.; Tariq, Andallib
2013Nuclear containment structure subjected to commercial and fighter aircraft crashSadique M.R.; Iqbal, Mohammad Ashraf; Bhargava, Pradeep
2012Numerical simulation of aircraft crash on nuclear containment structureIqbal, Mohammad Ashraf; Rai S.; Sadique M.R.; Bhargava, Pradeep
2009Probabilistic characterization of AHWR Inner Containment using High Dimensional Model RepresentationRao B.N.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Prasad A.M.; Singh R.K.; Kushwaha H.S.