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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Perspective on Strain Hardening Behavior of Materials Considering Mobile Dislocation Density and Activation VolumeMishra, S.; Beura V.K.; Singh A.; Yadava M.
2016Coupling Inward Diffusion and Precipitation Kinetics; the Case of Nitriding Iron-Based AlloysJung M.; Meka, Sai Ramudu; Rheingans B.; Mittemeijer E.J.
2013Development of multiphase microstructure with bainite, martensite, and retained austenite in a Co-containing steel through quenching and partitioning (Q&P) treatmentSamanta S.; Das, Sourav; Chakrabarti D.; Samajdar I.; Singh S.B.; Haldar A.
2013Development of ultrafine-grained dual-phase steels: Mechanism of grain refinement during intercritical deformationKarmakar, Anish; Misra R.D.K.; Neogy S.; Chakrabarti D.
2001Dry sliding friction and wear in plain carbon dual phase steelTyagi R.; Nath S.K.; Ray S.
2018Effect of Alloying and Coiling Temperature on the Microstructure and Bending Performance of Ultra-High-Strength Strip SteelMandal A.; Karmakar, Anish; Chakrabarti D.; Davis C.
2020Effect of Austenite Conditioning on Martensitic Transformation in Commercial Grade Interstitial-Free SteelSinha M.; Karmakar, Anish; Syed B.; Ghosh S.
2016Effect of Carbon Distribution During the Microstructure Evolution of Dual-Phase Steels Studied Using Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms, and Experimental StrategiesHalder C.; Karmakar, Anish; Hasan S.M.; Chakrabarti D.; Pietrzyk M.; Chakraborti N.
2017Effect of Cooling Rate and Chemical Composition on Microstructure and Properties of Naturally Cooled Vanadium-Microalloyed SteelsKarmakar, Anish; Sahu P.; Neogy S.; Chakrabarti D.; Mitra R.; Mukherjee S.; Kundu S.
2002Effect of martensite content on friction and oxidative wear behavior of 0.42 Pct carbon dual-phase steelTyagi R.; Nath S.K.; Ray S.
2016Effect of Starting Microstructure on the Grain Refinement in Cold-Rolled Low-Carbon Steel During Annealing at Two Different Heating RatesKarmakar, Anish; Mandal M.; Mandal A.; Basiruddin Sk M.; Mukherjee S.; Chakrabarti D.
2018Effect of Temper Condition on Stress Relaxation Behavior of an Aluminum Copper Lithium AlloyMishra, S.; Beura V.K.; Singh A.; Yadava M.; Nayan N.
2020Effect of Thermo-mechanical Treatment on High Temperature Tensile Properties and Ductile–Brittle Transition Behavior of Modified 9Cr-1Mo SteelSamant S.S.; Singh, Indra Vir; Singh R.N.
2020Evolution of Deformation Texture in Low Modulus β Ti-34Nb-2Ta-(0, 3)Zr-0.5O AlloysAcharya S.; Mishra, S.; Yazar K.U.; Chatterjee K.; Suwas S.
2013Evolution of microstructure and texture during deformation and recrystallization of heavily rolled Cu-Cu multilayerSuresh, K. S.; Rollett A.D.; Suwas S.
2016Evolution of Texture and Microstructure in Deformed and Annealed Copper-Iron MultilayerSuresh, K. S.; Rollett A.D.; Suwas S.
2016Formation Mechanisms of Alloying Element Nitrides in Recrystallized and Deformed Ferritic Fe-Cr-Al AlloyAkhlaghi M.; Meka, Sai Ramudu; Jägle E.A.; Kurz S.J.B.; Bischoff E.; Mittemeijer E.J.
2008Fretting wear properties of TiCN-Ni Cermets: Influence of load and secondary carbide additionManoj Kumar, Balabhadrapatruni Venkata; Basu B.
2018Influence of Cr and Y Addition on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties, and Corrosion Resistance of SPSed Fe-Based AlloysMuthaiah V.M.S.; Mula, Suhrit
2020Kinetic Constraints of δ-Ferrite to the Formation of Kappa (κ) Carbide in a Fe-4Mn-9Al-0.3C Wt Pct Low-Density SteelSinha M.; Ahad S.; Chaudhry A.K.; Ghosh S.