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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A nonequilibrium thermodynamic model for viscoplasticity coupled with damage for BCC metalsKar G.; Roy Chowdhury, Shubhankar; Roy D.
2003Buckling of Laminated Composite Plates by a New Element Based on Higher Order Shear Deformation TheoryChakrabarti, Anupam; Sheikh A.H.
2019Efficient 2D thermo-mechanical analysis of composites and sandwich laminatesKhandelwal R.P.; Chakrabarti, Anupam; Bhargava, Pradeep
2016Evaluation of mechanical properties using spherical ball indentation and coupled finite element-element-free galerkin approachShedbale A.S.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.; Sharma K.
2021Indentation behavior of metal matrix composites reinforced with arbitrary shape particle using a coupled FE-EFG approachShedbale A.S.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.
2017Modeling of functionally graded sandwich shells accounting for variation in transverse displacementTaj G.; Chakrabarti, Anupam
2018Nonlinear stability analysis of a perforated FGM plate under thermal loadSharma K.; Kumar D.
2016Numerical simulations of cracked plate using XIGA under different loads and boundary conditionsBhardwaj G.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.; Kumar V.
2021Polymer-based nanocomposites for impact loading: A reviewChaurasia A.; Mulik, Rahul S.; Parashar, Avinash
2015Stability analysis of laminated soft core sandwich plates using higher order zig-zag plate theoryChalak H.D.; Chakrabarti, Anupam; Sheikh A.H.; Iqbal, Mohammad Ashraf