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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Development of wear resistant medium carbon dual phase steels and their mechanical propertiesTyagi R.; Nath S.K.; Ray S.
2009Influence of solutionising and aging temperatures on microstructure and mechanical properties of cast Al-Si-Cu alloyHaro S.; Ramírez J.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar; Martínez E.
2004Microstructure and abrasive wear behaviour of iron base hardfacingDwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2003Sliding temperature and wear behaviour of cast Al-Si base alloyDwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2004Texture evolution in two phase Zr-2.5 wt-%Nb through modified routeKapoor K.; Lahiri, Debrupa; Rao S.V.R.; Sanyal T.; Saibaba N.; Kashyap B.P.
2008Understanding the complexities of bake hardeningDas, Sourav; Singh S.B.; Mohanty O.N.; Bhadeshia H.K.D.H.
2009X-ray powder diffraction line profile analysis of mechanically alloyed Cu-Cr powderLahiri, Indranil; Bhargava S.