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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Characterization of bulk stainless steel joints developed through microwave hybrid heatingBansal A.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Kumar, Pradeep; Das S.
2009Crystallite size of mechanically alloyed Cu-Cr powder - A comparison between X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy techniquesLahiri, Indranil; Bhargava S.
2014Development and characterisations of WC-12Co microwave cladZafar S.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar
2012Development of microstructure and texture in Copper during warm accumulative roll bondingSuresh, K. S.; Sinha S.; Chaudhary A.; Suwas S.
2017Effect of composition and isothermal holding temperature on the precipitation hardening in Vanadium-microalloyed steelsKarmakar, Anish; Mukherjee S.; Kundu S.; Srivastava D.; Mitra R.; Chakrabarti D.
2013Effect of equal channel angular pressing on grain refinement and texture evolution in a biomedical alloy Ti13Nb13ZrSuresh, K. S.; Gurao N.P.; Singh D. S.; Suwas S.; Chattopadhyay K.; Zherebtsov S.V.; Salishchev G.A.
2015Effect of stacking fault energy on mechanical properties and strengthening mechanisms of brasses processed by cryorollingDasharath S.M.; Koch C.C.; Mula, Suhrit
2018Effects of in-process cryocooling on metallurgical and mechanical properties of friction stir processed Al7075 alloyKumar A.; Godasu A.K.; Pal, Kaushik; Mula, Suhrit
2016Feasibility of formation of nanocrystalline Fe-Cr-Y alloys: Mechanical properties and thermal stabilityMuthaiah V.M.S.; Babu L.H.; Koch C.C.; Mula, Suhrit
2020Fracture toughness characteristics of ultrafine grained Nb–Ti stabilized microalloyed and interstitial free steels processed by advanced multiphase control rollingGhosh S.; Mula, Suhrit
2020Impression creep behaviour of ultrasonically processed in-situ Al3Zr-Al alloy composite in as-cast conditionGupta R.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2020Influence of hot rolling and evolved microstructure on high cycle fatigue behaviour of Mg-4Zn-4Gd alloyVerma R.; Jayaganthan R.; Nath S.K.; Srinivasan A.
2008Influence of material structure on the electrochemical behavior of nickel-titanium carbonitride compositesBhardwaj, Mukesh K.; Balasubramaniam R.
2017Influence of surface morphology and UFG on damping and mechanical properties of composite reinforced with spinel MgAl2O4-SiC core-shell microcompositesSingh S.; Pal, Kaushik
2020Texture transition in friction stir processed Al powder compactMalakar A.; Suresh, K. S.; Pancholi, Vivek; Brokmeier H.-G.; Schell N.
2021Transformation nanorod to nanotube of highly oriented novel h-BN hierarchical nanostructured arrays synthesized via two-step wet chemical routeKumar A.; Malik G.; Kumar A.; Chandra R.; Mulik, Rahul S.
2020Understanding the effect of hot extrusion on the evolution of microstructure and associated mechanical properties in sintered Al-Cu-Mg alloysBharath K.; Mandal A.; Karmakar, Anish; Khanra A.K.; Davidson M.J.
2005X-ray diffraction line profile analysis for defect study in Cu-1 wt.% Cr-0.1 wt.% Zr alloyKapoor K.; Lahiri, Debrupa; Batra I.S.; Rao S.V.R.; Sanyal T.