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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Framework for Assessing the Viability of Solar PV in Province-2 of Nepal Using System Dynamics ApproachKarna S.K.; Singh, Rhythm; Saran V.H.; Misra R.K.
2020Analysis of Causes of Rail Derailment in India and Corrective MeasuresSen P.K.; Bhiwapurkar M.; Harsha, Suraj Prakash; Gupta V.K.; Varde P.V.; Kankar P.K.; Joshi N.
2020Characterization and Mechanical Properties of 2024/Y2O3 Composite Developed by Stir RheocastingLemessa S.C.; Karunakar, Dagarapu Benny
2020Characterization of 2d nanomaterials for energy storageVerma A.; Parashar, Avinash; Singh B.N.; Roy A.; Maiti D.K.
2021Complete Creep Life Prediction Using Continuum Damage Mechanics and XFEMPandey V.B.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.; Saha S.K.; Mukherjee M.
2020Comprehensive Safety Analysis of Station Blackout Scenario in TAPS-1&2Raj R.; Reddy V.V.; Hajela S.; Singhal, Mukesh Kumar; Varde P.V.; Prakash R.V.; Vinod G.
2020Computational Study of Slot Jet Impingement Heat Transfer on a Combined Dimpled and Protruded Concave SurfaceSingh, Alankrita; Prasad B.V.S.S.S.; Biswal B.B.; Sarkar B.K.; Mahanta P.
2021Crack Detection in Rolling Element Bearings Using the Wavelet TransformPatra P.; Saran, V. Huzur; Harsha, Suraj Prakash; Saran V.H.; Misra R.K.
2017Detailed heat transfer investigation inside a rectangular duct with an array of ventilated rib turbulatorsSharma N.; Tariq, Andallib; Mishra, Manish
2021Development and Characterizations of ZrB2–SiC Composites Sintered Through Microwave SinteringSharma A.; Karunakar, Dagarapu Benny; Singari R.M.; Mathiyazhagan K.; Kumar H.
2021Development of a Building Energy Model Based on State-Space Analysis and Determining the Performance CharacteristicsHarish V.S.K.V.; Kumar, Arun; Muzammil M.; Chandra A.; Kankar P.K.; Kumar H.
2021Development of a Climbing Robot Based on Multi-suction Cups Mounted on Timing Belt MechanismBisht R.S.; Pathak, Pushparaj Mani; Panigrahi S.K.; Sen D.; Ananthasuresh G.K.; Mohan S.
2017Effect of attached type splitter plate length over a square prism in subcritical Reynolds numberChauhan M.K.; More B.S.; Dutta, Sushanta; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.
2021Effect of Foundation on Free Vibration of Tapered Functionally Graded Material PlateKumar V.; Singh S.J.; Saran, V. Huzur; Harsha, Suraj Prakash; Saran V.H.; Misra R.K.
2014Effect of localized defect on the vibration behavior of cylindrical roller bearing-rotor systemPatel U.A.; Upadhyay, Sanjay H.
2021Effect of Non-Newtonian Behavior of Lubricant on Performance of Externally Pressurized Thrust BearingKumar V.; Shah V.A.; Narwat K.; Sharma, Satish Chandra; Kumar A.; Pal A.; Kachhwaha S.S.; Jain P.K.
2021Effect of Thickness Stretching on Sandwich Plate with FGM Core and Piezoelectric Face SheetsSingh S.J.; Harsha, Suraj Prakash; Kumar A.; Pal A.; Kachhwaha S.S.; Jain P.K.
2021Effect of Variant Seat Suspension Systems on Human Subject in Agricultural ConditionsSingh A.; Singh H.; Singh I.; Kalsi S.; Saran, V. Huzur; Saran V.H.; Misra R.K.
2017Effect of wall proximity on the flow over a heated square bluff bodyKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2020Effects of Water to Cement Ratio on Concrete Fracture ParametersSamal D.K.; Ray, Sonalisa; Hemalatha T.