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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Comparative study of electrocoagulation and electrochemical Fenton treatment of aqueous solution of benzoic acid (BA): Optimization of process and sludge analysisSandhwar V.K.; Prasad B.
2018Comparison of electrocoagulation, peroxi-electrocoagulation and peroxi-coagulation processes for treatment of simulated purified terephthalic acid wastewater: Optimization, sludge and kinetic analysisSandhwar V.K.; Prasad B.
2015Dimethyl carbonate synthesis via transesterification of propylene carbonate with methanol by ceria-zinc catalysts: Role of catalyst support and reaction parametersKumar P.; Srivastava V.C.; Mishra I.M.
2018Effect of surface treatment on hair fiber as reinforcement of HDPE composites: Mechanical properties and water absorption kineticsSrivastava P.; Sinha S.
2017Energy management in multi stage evaporator through a steady and dynamic state analysisVerma O.P.; Manik G.; Mohammed T.H.
2020Fabrication of magnetic cobalt ferrite nanocomposites: an advanced method of removal of toxic dichromate ions from electroplating wastewaterVerma B.; Balomajumder C.
2015Lattice Boltzmann analysis of effect of heating location and Rayleigh number on natural convection in partially heated open ended cavityGangawane K.M.; Bharti R.P.; Kumar S.
2016Mechanism of methane hydrate formation in the presence of hollow silicaVeluswamy H.P.; Prasad P.S.R.; Linga P.
2013Non-Newtonian power-law flow across a confined triangular bluff body in a channelDhiman A.K.; Kumar S.
2015Physico-mechanical properties of coir fiber/LDPE composites: Effect of chemical treatment and compatibilizerPrasad N.; Agarwal V.K.; Sinha S.
2014Power-law shear-thinning flow around a heated square bluff body under aiding buoyancy at low Reynolds numbersSharma N.; Dhiman A.; Kumar S.
2016Simultaneous removal of Cr(VI) and phenol from synthetic binary solution using consortium culture of Bacillus sp. and E. coli immobilized on tea waste biomass in packed bed reactorGupta A.; Balomajumder C.