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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Hybrid CNN + Random Forest Approach to Delineate Debris Covered Glaciers Using Deep FeaturesNijhawan R.; Das, Josodhir D.; Balasubramanian R.
2014A New Approach to 3D Dense LiDAR Data Classification in Urban EnvironmentChauhan I.; Brenner C.; Garg, Rahul D.; Parida, Manoranjan
2015A New Super Resolution Mapping Algorithm by Combining Pixel and Subpixel-Level Spatial Dependences With ColorimetryMerugu S.; Jain, Kamal
2021A Spatio-Temporal Assessment and Prediction of Surface Urban Heat Island Intensity Using Multiple Linear Regression Techniques Over Ahmedabad City, GujaratMohammad P.; Goswami, Ajanta
2010ALCM: Automatic land cover mappingKumar A.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar; Dadhwal V.K.
2021An Adaptive Technique to Detect and Remove Shadow from Drone DataAgarwal A.; Kumar S.; Singh, Dharmendra
2005An approach to estimate the evapotranspiration using NOAA/AVHRR dataSingh, Dharmendra; Herlin I.; Berroir J.P.; Bouzidi S.
2021Analysis of Survey Approach Using UAV Images and Lidar for a Chimney StudyHarshit; Jain, Kamal; Mishra V.
2021Assessment of Hydrological Drought Vulnerability using Geospatial Techniques in the Tons River Basin, IndiaKalura P.; Pandey, Ashish; Chowdary V.M.; Raju P.V.
2020Automated Extraction of Slum Built-up Areas from Multispectral ImageriesDahiya S.; Garg, Pradeep Kumar; Jat M.K.
2002Automated interpretation of sub-pixel water cover from satellite imagesGhosh, Jayanta Kumar; Godbole P.N.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar
2013Automatic Road Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Image using Adaptive Global Thresholding and Morphological OperationsSingh P.P.; Garg, Rahul D.
2021Cadastral Parcel Boundary Extraction from UAV ImagesKhadanga G.; Jain, Kamal
2021Calibration of Satellite Imagery with Multispectral UAV ImageryJain, Kamal; Pandey A.
2017Camouflage Detection Using MWIR Hyperspectral ImagesKumar V.; Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar
2012Comparison of Different Mapping Techniques for Classifying Hyperspectral DataKumar V.; Garg, Rahul D.
2017Comparison of Fusion Techniques for Very High Resolution Data for Extraction of Urban Land-CoverRajput U.K.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar; Kumar A.
2014Detection of Changes in Glacier Mass Balance Using Satellite and Meteorological Data in Tirungkhad Basin Located in Western HimalayaMir R.A.; Jain S.K.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Goswami, Ajanta
2006Estimation and comparison of Leaf Area Index of agricultural crops using IRS LISS-III and EO-1 Hyperion imagesRama Rao N.; Garg, Pradeep Kumar; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar
2015Fixed Point ICA Based Approach for Maximizing the Non-gaussianity in Remote Sensing Image ClassificationSingh P.P.; Garg, Rahul D.