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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20062.0 Ga granite of the lower package of the Higher Himalayan Crystallines, Maglad Khad, Sutlej valley, Himachal PradeshSingh, Sandeep; Claesson S.; Jain A.K.; Gee D.G.; Andreasson P.G.; Manickavagasam R.M.
2014A grain size model for role of tectonics and climate on sedimentation in Siwaliks in Mohand areaMishra M.; Chakrapani, Govind Joseph
2021A Perspective on Rishiganga-Dhauliganga Flash Flood in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Garhwal Himalaya, IndiaSain K.; Kumar A.; Mehta M.; Verma A.; Tiwari S.K.; Garg P.K.; Kumar V.; Rai S.K.; Srivastava, P.; Sen K.
2016Auriferous lode of Hira-Buddini gold mine, Hutti-Maski schist belt, Dharwar craton: Mineralogy, alteration, types and mechanism of vein emplacementSahoo A.K.; Krishnamurthi, Rajagopal; Sangurmath P.
2006Biotite Rb-Sr ages: Constraints on exhumation of the Karakoram Metamorphic Complex, Eastern LadakhSingh, Sandeep; Patra B.A.; Vijan A.R.; Jain A.K.
2014Carbonate diagenesis of the upper Jurassic successions in the west of Binalud - Eastern Alborz (NE Iran)Aghaei A.; Mahboubi A.; Harami R.M.; Nadjafi M.; Chakrapani, Govind Joseph
2012Compositions and petrogenetic significance of the eudialyte group minerals from sushina, purulia, West BengalChakrabarty A.; Pruseth K.L.; Sen A.K.
2003Conventional and SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating of the Chor Granitoid, Himachal HimalayaSingh, Sandeep
1988Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary events: The fossil vertebrate, palaeomagnetic and radiometric evidence from Peninsular IndiaSahni A.; Bajpai, Sunil
2007Crustacean burrow fills as obstacles for current crescents in Permo-Carboniferous Talchir Formation, Raniganj Basin, Eastern IndiaBhattacharya H.N.; Bhattacharya, Biplab; Chakraborty A.
2011Crustal accretion and metamorphism of Mesoarchean granulites in Palghat-Cauvery Shear Zone, Southern IndiaChoudhary A.K.; Jain A.K.; Singh, Sandeep; Manickavasagam R.; Chandra K.
2001Deformation pattern in the Precambrian basement around Masuda, central RajasthanSrivastava D.C.
2017Determining the reference frame for kinematic analysis in S-tectonites using AMSMamtani M.A.; Abhijith V.; Lahiri S.; Rana V.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Goswami S.; Renjith A.R.
2014Diagenetic model of carbonate rocks of Guri Member of Mishan Formation (Lower to Middle Miocene) SE Zagros basin, IranHeidari A.; Gonzalez L.A.; Mahboubi A.; Moussavi-Harami R.; Ludvigson G.A.; Chakrapani, Govind Joseph
2016Discovery of Elephas cf. namadicus from the late Pleistocene strata of Marginal Ganga PlainGhosh R.; Sehgal R.K.; Srivastava, P.; Shukla U.K.; Nanda A.C.; Singh D.S.
1997Ductile shearing and large-scale thrusting in the main central thrust zone, Chur-peak area, Lesser Himachal HimalayaMukhopadhyay D.K.; Bhadra B.K.; Ghosh T.K.; Srivastava D.C.
1996Ductile shearing of the Proterozoic Chor granitoid in the Lesser Himalaya and its tectonic significanceSingh, Sandeep; Jain A.K.
2017Emergence of the semi-empirical technique of strong ground motion simulation: A reviewSandeep; Joshi A.; Kumari P.; Lal S.; Vandana; Kumar P.; Kamal,
2010Enigmatic association of the carbonatite and alkali-pyroxenite along the Northern Shear Zone, Purulia, West Bengal: A saga of primary magmatic carbonatiteChakrabarty A.; Sen A.K.
2007Estimation of site amplification at various litho-units in NW-Himalaya using horizontal to vertical ratioMundepi A.K.; Kamal,; Paul A.