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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adaptive pores: Charge transfer modules as supramolecular handles for reversible pore engineering of mesoporous silicaKumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Rao K.V.; Soumya T.; George S.J.; Eswaramoorthy M.
2017Balancing Excellent Performance and High Thermal Stability in a Dinitropyrazole Fused 1, 2, 3, 4-TetrazineTang Y.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Shreeve J.M.
2019Bis(3-nitro-1-(trinitromethyl)1 H1,2,4-triazol-5-yl)methanone: An applicable and very dense green oxidizerZhao G.; Yin P.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Imler G.H.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
1980Complexation and oxidation of glycine and related compounds by Ag (II).Kumar Anil; Neta P.
2019Direct Enantio- and Diastereoselective Vinylogous Addition of Butenolides to Chromones Catalyzed by Zn-ProPhenolTrost B.M.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Kalnmals C.A.; Hung C.-I.J.; Tracy J.S.
2019Effect of Oxidative Damage on Charge and Spin Transport in DNAMishra S.; Poonia, Vishvendra Singh; Fontanesi C.; Naaman R.; Fleming A.M.; Burrows C.J.
2005Energy and electron transfer in bifunctional non-conjugated dendrimersJustin Thomas, K. R.; Thompson A.L.; Sivakumar A.V.; Bardeen C.J.; Thayumanavan S.
2018Half-Sandwich Ruthenium Carbene Complexes Link trans-Hydrogenation and gem-Hydrogenation of Internal AlkynesGuthertz A.; Leutzsch M.; Wolf L.M.; Gupta, Puneet; Rummelt S.M.; Goddard R.; Farès C.; Thiel W.; Fürstner A.
2015Kinetics of Ion Transport in Perovskite Active Layers and Its Implications for Active Layer StabilityBag, Monojit; Renna L.A.; Adhikari R.Y.; Karak S.; Liu F.; Lahti P.M.; Russell T.P.; Tuominen M.T.; Venkataraman D.
2001Light-emitting carbazole derivatives: Potential electroluminescent materialsJustin Thomas, K. R.; Lin J.T.; Tao Y.-T.; Ko C.-W.
1981Oxidative C-C bond cleavage of 1, 2-diols by Ag (II).Kumar Anil
1991Oxidative Conversion of a Mn(µ-OH)2Mn to a Mn(µ-O1)2Mn Moiety. Synthesis and Molecular Structures of a (µ-Hydroxo)dimanganese(II,II) and (µ-Oxo)dimanganese(III,III) Complex with a Hindered N3 LigandKitajima N.; Singh U.P.; Amagai H.; Osawa M.; Moro-oka Y.
2007Phase-controlled growth of metastable Fe5Si3 nanowires by a vapor transport methodVaradwaj K.S.K.; Seo K.; In J.; Mohanty, Paritosh; Park J.; Kim B.
2012Photoreductive uncaging of fluorophore in response to protein oligomers by templated reaction in vitro and in celluloSadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Eierhoff T.; Römer W.; Winssinger N.
2007Simple vapor-phase synthesis of single-crystalline Ag nanowires and single-nanowire surface-enhanced raman scatteringMohanty, Paritosh; Yoon I.; Kang T.; Seo K.; Varadwaj K.S.K.; Choi W.; Park Q.-H.; Jae P.A.; Yung D.S.; Ihee H.; Kim B.
2011Single-pixel, single-layer polymer device as a tricolor sensor with signals mimicking natural photoreceptorsGautam V.; Bag, Monojit; Narayan K.S.
2017Supramolecular Photoactivatable Anticancer HydrogelsVenkatesh, Varadhachari; Mishra N.K.; Romero-Canelón I.; Vernooij R.R.; Shi H.; Coverdale J.P.C.; Habtemariam A.; Verma S.; Sadler P.J.
2009Synthesis of periodic mesoporous coesiteMohanty, Paritosh; Fei Y.; Landskron K.
2009Synthesis of stishovite nanocrystals from periodic mesoporous silicaMohanty, Paritosh; Li D.; Liu T.; Fei Y.; Landskron K.
2020Transition-Metal- A nd Light-Free Directed Amination of Remote Unactivated C(sp3)-H Bonds of AlcoholsKurandina D.; Yadagiri, Dongari; Rivas M.; Kavun A.; Chuentragool P.; Hayama K.; Gevorgyan V.