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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A risk-based model to establish threshold planning quantities of hazardous substancesMohan M.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2004Air quality in selected megacitiesMolina L.T.; Molina M.J.; Slott R.S.; Kolb C.E.; Gbor P.K.; Meng F.; Singh R.B.; Galvez O.; Sloan J.J.; Anderson W.P.; Tang X.; Hu M.; Xie S.; Shao M.; Zhu T.; Zhang Y.H.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Artaxo P.E.; Oyola P.; Gramsch E.; Hidalgo D.Ge.
2019Detection of anomalous nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration in urban air of India using proximity and clustering methodsAggarwal A.; Toshniwal, Durga