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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Conceptual Approach for Optimising Bus Stop SpacingJohar A.; Jain S.S.; Garg, Pradeep Kumar
2021Assessment of Critical Causes of Conflicts for Building Construction Projects in India Using Fuzzy Analytical Network ProcessChaturvedi S.; Bhatt N.; Rajasekar, Elangovan; Patel H.
2020Comparative Flexural Toughness Evaluation of Steel Fibre-Reinforced ConcreteManohar S.; Waseem S.A.; Singh, Bhupinder N..
2020Design Aids for Supplementary Lighting Design in IndiaLala S.; Jain K.; Kumar A.; Kumar A.; Rajasekar, Elangovan; Kulkarni K.
2017Development of a Geoid Model by Geometric MethodMishra U.N.; Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar
2014Eco-Environmental Factors in Green Roof Application in Indian CitiesMukherjee, Mahua
2017Effect of Response Reduction Factor on Peak Floor Acceleration Demand in Mid-Rise RC BuildingsSurana M.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Lang D.H.
2012Effect of Strength Eccentricity on Torsional Behaviour of RC Frame BuildingsRizwan S.M.; Singh, Yogendra C.
2015Evaluation on Thermal Behavior of a Green Roof Retrofit System Installed on Experimental Building in Composite Climate of Roorkee, IndiaKumar A.; Deoliya R.; Chani, Prabhjot Singh
2012GIS Based Application of Advanced Traveler Information System in IndiaKumar, Praveen Kishore; Singh V.
2013Green Building Retrofit for the Library of Indian Institute Technology, RoorkeeNaphade A.; Sharma A.; Chani, Prabhjot Singh; Garg, Pradeep Kumar
2013Issues of Sustainable Redevelopment of City Core: A Study of Developed and Developing CountriesMunoth N.; Jain R.K.; Raheja, Gaurav; Brar T.S.
2017Load Distribution Factors for Composite Multicell Box Girder BridgesTiwari S.; Bhargava, Pradeep
2014Performance-based Design of RC Frame Buildings with Metallic and Friction DampersChaudhury D.; Singh, Yogendra C.
2020Role of Socio-demographic Characteristics in Evaluation of Signalized CrosswalksBansal A.; Goyal T.; Sharma, Umesh Kumar
2013Strategies and Challenges for Energy Efficient Retrofitting: Study of the Empire State BuildingDe B.; Mukherjee, Mahua
2021Sulphide Removal from Water Through Electrocoagulation: Kinetics, Equilibrium and Thermodynamic AnalysisShankar R.; Sharan S.; Varma A.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit; Chand S.; Thakur L.S.; Pande P.P.; Yadav V.K.