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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A comparison of the methods for objective strain estimation from the Fry plotsKumar R.; Srivastava D.C.; Ojha A.K.
2010A rapid Bézier curve method for shape analysis and point representation of asymmetric foldsSrivastava D.C.; Rastogi, Vipul K.; Ghosh R.
2006A rapid method for strain estimation from flattened parallel foldsSrivastava D.C.; Shah J.
2003Brittle tectonics and pore-fluid conditions in the evolution of the Great Boundary Fault around Chittaurgarh, Northwestern IndiaSrivastava D.C.; Sahay A.
2017Deciphering relative timing of fabric development in granitoids with similar absolute ages based on AMS study (Dharwar Craton, South India)Bhatt, Sandeep; Rana V.; Mamtani M.A.
2006Favoured states of palaeostress in the Earth's crust: evidence from fault-slip dataLisle R.J.; Orife T.O.; Arlegui L.; Liesa C.; Srivastava D.C.
2000Geometrical classification of conjugate vein arraysSrivastava D.C.
2020HGA: A genetic algorithm method for direct estimation of paleostress states from heterogeneous fault-slip dataThakur P.; Srivastava D.C.; Gupta P.K.
1995Late brittle tectonics in a Precambrian ductile belt: evidence from brittle structures in the Singhbhum Shear Zone, eastern IndiaSrivastava D.C.; Pradhan A.
2008Non-linear least squares ellipse fitting using the genetic algorithm with applications to strain analysisRay A.; Srivastava D.C.
2020Paleostress and statistical analysis using quartz veins from mineralized and non-mineralized zones: Application for exploration targetingLahiri S.; Rana V.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Mamtani M.A.
2019Pegmatite dyke emplacement and the state of stress during cratonization – An example from the Dharwar Craton (South India)Bhatt, Sandeep; Rana V.; Lahiri S.; Mamtani M.A.
2019Polyphase development of chocolate-tablet boudins in the SAT zone, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, IndiaOjha A.K.; Sharma R.; Srivastava D.C.; Lister G.S.
2004Rapid analysis of fold shape using Bézier curvesSrivastava D.C.; Lisle R.J.
2012Rapid extraction of central vacancy by image-analysis of Fry plotsReddy Vinta B.S.S.; Srivastava D.C.
1995Shear zones as a new type of palaeostress indicatorSrivastava D.C.; Lisle R.J.; Vandycke S.
2008The "isogon rosette" method for rapid estimation of strain in flattened foldsSrivastava D.C.; Shah J.
2017The genetic algorithm: A robust method for stress inversionThakur P.; Srivastava D.C.; Gupta P.K.
1998The kink-band triangle: A triangular plot for paleostress analysis from kink-bandsSrivastava D.C.; Lisle R.J.; Imran M.; Kandpal R.
2019The relation between differential stress, driving pressure ratio, tensile strength and reservoir failure in a magmatic system – Towards eruption forecastingLahiri S.; Bhatt, Sandeep; Mamtani M.A.