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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199757Fe Mössbauer spectroscopic characterisation of a ferromanganese nodule from the Central Indian OceanDutta, Raj Kumar; Das D.; Sudarshan M.; Bhattacharyya S.N.; Chintalapudi S.N.; Chakravortty V.
2013An improved method for determination of 7Be in mossesMaiti, Moumita; Tiwari S.R.; Dubey N.B.; Bagla H.; Lahiri S.
2014Analysis of bioaccessible concentration of trace elements in plant based edible materials by INAA and ICPMS methodsDutta, Raj Kumar; Maharia R.S.; Acharya R.; Reddy A.V.R.
2014Applications of EDXRF and INAA techniques for studying impact of industries to the environmentDutta, Raj Kumar; Sarkar S.; Ram S.S.; Sudarshan M.; Acharya R.; Reddy A.V.R.
1999Carrier-free separation of22Na from MgO matrix using liquid-liquid extraction with HDEHP in cyclohexaneDutta, Raj Kumar; Chintalapudi S.N.; Bhattacharyya S.N.
2014Comparison on the production of radionuclides in 1.4 GeV proton irradiated LBE targets of different thicknessMaiti, Moumita; Ghosh K.; Mendonça T.M.; Stora T.; Lahiri S.
2012Correlation between heavy metal contents and antioxidant activities in medicinal plants grown in copper mining areasMaharia R.S.; Dutta, Raj Kumar; Acharya R.; Reddy A.V.R.
2003Elemental profile in some common medicinal plants of India. Its correlation with traditional therapeutic usageMohanta B.; Chakraborty A.; Sudarshan M.; Dutta, Raj Kumar; Baruah M.
2020Estimation of production yield of 93mMo and other residues from a 7Li-induced reactionPrajapat R.; Maiti, Moumita
2011Experimental measurement and correlation of flash point of alternate PUREX/UREX solvent (36% TiAP) in C8–C16 diluentsDas B.; Kumar S.; Mondal P.
2002Extraction of uranium, thorium and lanthanides using Cyanex-923: Their separations and recovery from monaziteGupta B.; Malik P.; Deep A.
2015Green methods for the radiochemical separations of no-carrier-added 61Cu, 62Zn from 7Li irradiated cobalt targetMaiti, Moumita; Ghosh K.; Lahiri S.
1998Instrumental neutron activation analysis of ferromanganese oxide encrustations of Indian Ocean by the k0 NAA methodDutta, Raj Kumar; Acharya R.N.; Chakravortty V.; Nair A.G.C.; Reddy A.V.R.; Chintalapudi S.N.; Manohar S.B.
2014Ion beam irradiation of ZnS dispersed in PMMA and its photocatalytic applicationDutta, Raj Kumar; Bind U.C.; Krishna J.B.M.; Sinha A.K.; Taki G.S.
2014Ionic liquid-salt based aqueous biphasic system for separation of 109Cd from silver targetGhosh K.; Maiti, Moumita; Lahiri S.; Afzal Hussain V.
1997Multielemental analysis of ferromanganese nodules from Central Indian Ocean Basin by PIXEDutta, Raj Kumar; Sudarshan M.; Bhattacharyya S.N.; Vijayan V.; Ghosh S.; Chakravortty V.; Chintalapudi S.N.
2013Nuclear and chemical data for life sciencesMaiti, Moumita
2011Pressurization studies in a sealed autoclave for thermal decomposition of nitrated TBP and TiAPDas B.; Mondal P.; Kumar S.
2011Probable nuclear reactions to produce proton rich rhenium radionuclidesMaiti M.
2013Production and separation of 111In: An important radionuclide in life sciences: A mini reviewLahiri S.; Maiti, Moumita; Ghosh K.