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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A study on the material characteristics of low temperature cured SnO2 films for perovskite solar cells under high humidityBahadur J.; Ghahremani A.H.; Martin B.; Pishgar S.; Druffel T.; Sunkara M.K.; Pal, Kaushik
2007Characterisation of n-type γ-CuCl on Si for UV optoelectronic applicationsO'Reilly L.; Mitra, Anirban; Lucas F.O.; Natarajan G.; McNally P.J.; Daniels S.; Lankinen A.; Lowney D.; Bradley A.L.; Cameron D.C.
2008Cobalt substituted ZnO thin films: A potential candidate for spintronicsBhatti K.P.; Malik, Vivek K.; Chaudhary S.
2018Copper nanowire–carbon nanotube hierarchical structure for enhanced field emissionJain V.; Tripathi A.K.; Saini K.; Deva D.; Lahiri, Indranil
2017Critical analysis of frequency selective surfaces embedded composite microwave absorber for frequency range 2–8 GHzGill N.; Puthucheri S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Agarwala V.
2019CZTSSe absorber layer formation and impact of annealing process on its propertiesPadhy S.; Kumar V.; Singh U.P.
2015Development of Ba0.95Sr0.05(Fe0.5Nb0.5)O3/poly(vinylidene fluoride) nanocomposites for energy storagePatel P.K.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Dutta S.
2016Development of thin broad band radar absorbing materials using nanostructured spinel ferritesSmitha P.; Singh I.; Najim M.; Panwar R.; Singh, Dharmendra; Agarwala V.; Das Varma G.
2017Effect of Au, Pd and Pt addition in Cu on the growth of intermetallic compounds and the Kirkendall voids in the Cu–Sn systemBaheti, Varun A.; Kumar P.; Paul A.
2017Effect of electron-deficient linkers on the physical and photovoltaic properties of dithienopyrrole-based organic dyesKumar S.; Justin Thomas, K. R.; Li C.-T.; Ho K.-C.
2015Effect of solvents on electrochemical performance of polypyrrole coated LiFePO4/C cathode materials for Li-ion batterySehrawat R.; Sil, Anjan
2021Effect of sulfur-doped graphene quantum dots incorporation on morphological, optical and electron transport properties of CH3NH3PbBr3 perovskite thin filmsKadian S.; Tailor N.K.; Chaulagain N.; Shankar K.; Satapathi, Soumitra; Manik, Gaurav
2017Effect of variation of thickness of TiO2 on the photovoltaic performance of n-TiO2/p-Si heterostructureDewasi A.; Mitra, Anirban
2020Electrochromic and bipolar memory switching properties of novel Eu(III)-polymer of multidentate Schiff’s base ligandOberoi D.; Shankar U.; Dagar P.; Sahu S.; Bandyopadhyay, Anasuya
2018Elucidation of microwave absorption mechanisms in Co–Ga substituted Ba–Sr hexaferrites in X-bandKaur H.; Singh C.; Marwaha A.; Narang S.B.; Jotania R.; Mishra S.R.; Bai Y.; Raju K.C.J.; Singh, Dharmendra; Ghimire M.; Dhruv P.; Sombra A.S.B.
2016Enhanced dielectric, ferroelectric and magnetodielectric properties in three phase 0.45Bi0.9La0.1FeO3–0.55Co0.5Ni0.5Fe2O4–BaTiO3 compositeManjusha; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar
2018Highly selective and efficient room temperature NO2 gas sensors based on Zn-doped CuO nanostructure-rGO hybridJyoti; Srivastava A.K.; Varma, Ghanshyam Das
2016Impact of Al and Ga co-doping with different proportion in ZnO thin film by DC magnetron sputteringSahoo S.K.; Gupta C.A.; Singh U.P.
2015Impact of sputtering power on the properties of Al and Ga co-sputtered ZnO thin filmsGupta C.A.; Mangal S.; Singh U.P.
2015Influence of oxygen pressure on the growth and physical properties of pulsed laser deposited Cu2O thin filmsKaur G.; Mitra, Anirban; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar