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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A-TIG welding of dissimilar P92 steel and 304H austenitic stainless steel: Mechanisms, microstructure and mechanical propertiesSharma P.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2016Activating flux tungsten inert gas welding for enhanced weld penetrationVidyarthy R.S.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2019An assessment for mechanical and microstructure behavior of dissimilar material welded joint between nuclear grade martensitic P91 and austenitic SS304 L steelThakare J.G.; Pandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Mulik, Rahul S.
2018An investigation on application of nano-fluids in high speed grinding of sintered aluminaChoudhary, Amit; Naskar A.; Paul S.
2014Determining work-brush interface temperature in magnetic abrasive finishing processMishra V.; Goel H.; Mulik, Rahul S.; Pandey P.M.
2012Development and characterization of microwave composite claddingGupta D.; Bhovi P.M.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Dutta, Sushanta
2021Development and characterization of xanthan gum-based abrasive media and performance analysis using abrasive flow machiningDixit N.; Sharma, V.; Kumar, Pradeep
2018Dissimilar joining of CFEF steels using autogenous tungsten-inert gas welding and gas tungsten arc welding and their effect on δ-ferrite evolution and mechanical propertiesPandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Kumar, Pradeep; Saini N.
2018Effect of different grinding fluids applied in minimum quantity cooling-lubrication mode on surface integrity in cBN grinding of Inconel 718Naskar A.; Singh B.B.; Choudhary, Amit; Paul S.
2007Effect of silicon powder mixed EDM on machining rate of AISI D2 die steelKansal H.K.; Singh S.; Kumar, Pradeep
2021Effect of tool geometry in dissimilar Al-Steel Friction Stir WeldingKaushik P.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2019Effect of weld thermal cycle on metallurgical and corrosion behavior of friction stir weld joint of AA2014 aluminium alloySinhmar S.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2021Experimental investigations into thermophysical, wettability and tribological characteristics of ionic liquid based metal cutting fluidsSah N.K.; Singh R.; Sharma, V.
2018Fabrication of micro holes in CFRP laminates using EDMKumar R.; Agrawal P.K.; Singh, Inderdeep
2018Fabrication of microchannels using rotary tool micro-USM: An experimental investigation on tool wear reduction and form accuracy improvementSandeep K.; Akshay D.
2016Formability analysis of pre-strained AA5754-O sheet metal using Yld96 plasticity theory: Role of amount and direction of uni-axial pre-strainDhara S.; Basak, Shamik; Panda S.K.; Hazra S.; Shollock B.; Dashwood R.
2019Green machining of powder-metallurgy-steels (PMS): An overviewKulkarni H.; Dabhade, Vikram V.
2017Improvement in limiting drawing ratio of aluminum tailored friction stir welded blanks using modified conical tractrix dieKesharwani R.K.; Basak, Shamik; Panda S.K.; Pal S.K.
2016Investigation of TiO2-SiO2-CaO-CaF2 based electrode coatings on weld metal chemistry and mechanical behaviour of bimetallic weldsBhandari D.; Chhibber R.; Arora, Navneet; Mehta R.
2011Investigation on microstructural and mechanical properties of microwave processed dissimilar jointsSrinath M.S.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Kumar, Pradeep