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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Analysis of flow through lateral slotOjha, C. S. P.; Subbaiah D.
2002Aquifer diffusivity and stream resistance from varying stream stageSingh S.K.; Mishra G.C.; Swamee P.K.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2016Assessment of soil moisture uptake under different salinity levels for paddy cropDevatha C.P.; Shankar V.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2018Deep percolation under irrigated water-intensive cropsHatiye S.D.; Prasad K.S.H.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2000Discharge characteristics of skew sluice gatesSwamee P.K.; Pathak S.K.; Mansoor T.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2016Effect of infiltration on sediment transport in irrigated channelsRohilla K.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2011Estimating air vapor pressure in a semiarid region using FAO-56 methodologyOjha, C. S. P.; Khobragade S.D.; Adeloye A.J.
2012Estimation of Border-Strip Soil Hydraulic ParametersRam S.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Gairola A.; Jose M.K.; Trivedi M.K.
1999Estimation of hydraulic diffusivity in stream-aquifer systemMishra G.C.; Jain, Sharad Kumar
2017Estimation of relative humidity and dew Point temperature using Limited meteorological dataUpreti H.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2010Estimation of unsaturated hydraulic parameters from infiltration and internal drainage experimentsPrasad K.S.H.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Chandramouli P.N.; Madramootoo C.A.
2009Evaluation of a nonlinear root-water uptake modelOjha, C. S. P.; Prasad K.S.H.; Shankar V.; Madramootoo C.A.
2018Evaluation of the vapor pressure models in the estimation of actual vapor pressure and evapotranspirationUpreti H.; Ojha, C. S. P.
1997Ground-water mound equation for rectangular recharge areaSwamee P.K.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2015Groundwater vulnerability assessment to contamination using soil moisture flow and solute transport modelingYadav, Brijesh K.; Junaid S.M.
1996Implications of using approximate expressions for well functionSwamee P.K.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Srivastava R.
2013Improved planning model for canal scheduling of rotational irrigationKaur S.; Srivastava D.K.; Arya, Dhyan Singh
2012Model for nonlinear root water uptake parameterShankar V.; Prasad K.S.H.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Govindaraju R.S.
2008Modeling soil water uptake by plants using nonlinear dynamic root density distribution functionYadav, Brijesh K.; Mathur S.
2007Modifications to SCS-CN method for long-term hydrologic simulationGeetha K.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Eldho T.I.; Rastogi A.K.; Pandey R.P.