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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Adequacy of Nakagami-m distribution function to derive GIUHSarkar S.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Mathur B.S.
2013Analysis of evaporation data under roughness-induced wind flowOjha, C. S. P.; Kumar M.; Saini J.S.
2004Analysis of soil water retention data using artificial neural networksJain, Sharad Kumar; Singh V.P.; van Genuchten M.Th.
2016Analytical Approach for Derivation of Oscillation-Free Altered Duration Unit HydrographsPatil P.R.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar
1999Another look at SCS-CN methodMishra, Surendra Kumar; Singh V.P.
2011Application of Clustering Techniques Using Prioritized Variables in Regional Flood Frequency Analysis-Case Study of Mahanadi BasinKar A.K.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Lohani A.K.; Roy G.P.
1999Approximate convection-diffusion equationsPerumal M.; Ranga Raju K.G.
2004Aquifer parameters estimation using artesian well test dataOjha, C. S. P.
2008Characteristic velocity of stream bed movementSingh V.P.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2018Closure to "Analytical approach for derivation of oscillation-free altered duration unit hydrographs" by P. R. Patil and S. K. MishraPatil P.R.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar
2007Closure to "Hybrid model for derivation of synthetic unit hydrograph".Bhunya P.K.; Ghosh N.C.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Ojha, C. S. P.; Berndtsson R.
2006Closure to "Parameter estimation of beta distribution for unit hydrograph derivation".Bhunya P.K.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Ojha, C. S. P.; Berndtsson R.
2002Closure to “explicit aquifer diffusivity estimation using linearly varying stream stage,”Ojha, C. S. P.
2010Design flow and stage computations in the Teesta River, Bangladesh, using frequency analysis and MIKE 11 modelingRahman M.M.; Arya, Dhyan Singh; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Dhamy A.P.
2008Development of integrated discharge and sediment rating relation using a compound neural networkJain, Sharad Kumar
2006Development of optimal and physically realizable unit hydrographJain, Sharad Kumar; Singh V.P.; Bhunya P.K.
2012Development of the jamuneswari flood forecasting system: Case study in BangladeshRahman M.M.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Arya, Dhyan Singh
2003Discussion of “approach to confidence interval estimation for curve numbers”Bhunya P.K.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Berndtsson R.
2013Effect of climate change on runoff generation: Application to Rift Valley Lakes Basin of EthiopiaWagesho N.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Goel, Narendra Kumar
2016Effect of spatial extent of atmospheric variables on development of statistical downscaling model for monthly precipitation in Yamuna-Hindon Interbasin, IndiaArora H.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Kashyap D.