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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Channel-confined wake structure interactions between two permeable side-by-side bars of a square cross-sectionJamshed S.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2010Combined effect of surface roughness and heterogeneity of wall potential on electroosmosis in microfluidic/nanofuidic channelsBhattacharyya S.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar
2018Effect of Gas Diffusion Layer Surface Wettability Gradient on Water Behavior in a Serpentine Gas Flow Channel of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellMalhotra S.; Ghosh, Sumana
2020Enhanced Electro-Osmotic Flow of Power-Law Fluids in Hydrophilic Patterned NanochannelMajhi M.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar; Banerjee A.
2013Experimental and numerical studies for a high head francis turbine at several operating pointsTrivedi C.; Cervantes M.J.; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.; Dahlhaug O.G.
2015Experimental investigation of a high head Francis turbine during spin-no-load operationTrivedi C.; Cervantes M.J.; Dahlhaug O.G.; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.
2016Experimental Investigation of Flow over a Transversely Oscillating Square Cylinder at Intermediate Reynolds NumberChauhan M.K.; Dutta, Sushanta; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.; More B.S.
2020Flow around Three Side-by-Side Square Cylinders and the Effect of the Cylinder OscillationMore B.S.; Dutta, Sushanta; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.
2007Mixed convection from a heated square cylinder to Newtonian and power-law fluidsDhiman, Amit KumarK.; Anjaiah N.; Chhabra R.P.; Eswaran V.
2001Performance characteristics of centrifugal slurry pumpsGandhi, Bhupendra K.; Singh S.N.; Seshadri V.
2011Pressure drop analysis for liquid-liquid downflow through vertical pipeGhosh, Sumana; Das G.; Das P.K.
2007Sensitivity of a square cylinder wake to forced oscillationsDutta, Sushanta; Panigrahi P.K.; Muralidhar K.
2012Study of submerged jet for suction of fluidSubudhi, Sudhakar; Sreenivas K.R.; Arakeri J.H.
2014Transient pressure measurements on a high head model Francis turbine during emergency shutdown, total load rejection, and runawayTrivedi C.; Cervantes M.J.; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.; Dahlhaug O.G.
2017Vortex Rope Formation in a High Head Model Francis TurbineGoyal R.; Cervantes M.J.; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.