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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Appropriate use of deep-bed filtration modelsOjha C.S.P.; Graham N.J.D.
2019Assessment of LNAPL in Subsurface under Fluctuating Groundwater Table Using 2D Sand Tank ExperimentsGupta P.K.; Yadav B.; Yadav B.K.
2017Enhanced biological phosphorus removal using dried powdered sludge in an aerobic baffled reactorYadav D.; Anand R.S.; Pruthi V.; Kumar P.
2020Migration of CO2 through Carbonate Cores: Effect of Salinity, Pressure, and Cyclic Brine- CO2 InjectionShachi; Yadav B.K.; Rahman M.A.; Pal M.
2016Oxidative degradation of quinoline using nanoscale zero-valent iron supported by granular activated CarbonGosu V.; Gurjar B.R.; Zhang T.C.; Surampalli R.Y.
1995Prediction of deep-bed-filter performance using recursive algorithmsOjha C.S.; Graham N.J.
1995Reliability analysis of water-distribution systemsKumar A.; Kansal M.L.
2020Three-Dimensional Laboratory Experiments on Fate and Transport of LNAPL under Varying Groundwater Flow ConditionsGupta P.K.; Yadav B.K.