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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An efficient co-swarm particle swarm optimization for non-linear constrained optimizationYadav A.; Deep, K.
2018An efficient opposition based Lévy Flight Antlion optimizer for optimization problemsDinkar S.K.; Deep, K.
2020Enhancing demographic coverage of hurricane evacuation behavior modeling using social mediaKumar, Dheeraj Satheesh; Ukkusuri S.V.
2017Opposition based Laplacian Ant Lion OptimizerDinkar S.K.; Deep, K.
2018Simulation and control of a complex nonlinear dynamic behavior of multi-stage evaporator using PID and Fuzzy-PID controllersVerma O.P.; Manik, Gaurav; Jain V.K.
2021Transformation operators based grey wolf optimizer for travelling salesman problemPanwar K.; Deep, K.