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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A mechanistic model on the role of "radially-running" collagen fibers on dissection properties of human ascending thoracic aortaPal, Siladitya; Tsamis A.; Pasta S.; D'Amore A.; Gleason T.G.; Vorp D.A.; Maiti S.
2016A structural finite element model for lamellar unit of aortic media indicates heterogeneous stress field after collagen recruitmentThunes J.R.; Pal, Siladitya; Fortunato R.N.; Phillippi J.A.; Gleason T.G.; Vorp D.A.; Maiti S.
2014Effect of aneurysm on biomechanical properties of "radially-oriented" collagen fibers in human ascending thoracic aortic mediaTsamis A.; Pal, Siladitya; Phillippi J.A.; Gleason T.G.; Maiti S.; Vorp D.A.
2019Effect of first order chemical reactions on the dispersion coefficient associated with laminar flow through fibrosis affected lungKori J.; Pratibha,
2017Perfusion kinetics in human brain tumor with DCE-MRI derived model and CFD analysisBhandari A.; Bansal, Ankit; Singh A.; Sinha N.
2014Varying degrees of nonlinear mechanical behavior arising from geometric differences of urogynecological meshesFeola A.; Pal, Siladitya; Moalli P.; Maiti S.; Abramowitch S.