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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Biochemical studies and ligand-bound structures of biphenyl dehydrogenase from pandoraea pnomenusa strain B-356 reveal a basis for broad specificity of the enzymeDhindwal S.; Patil D.N.; Mohammadi M.; Sylvestre M.; Tomar, Shailly; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish
2003Crystal structure of a novel regulatory 40-kDa mammary gland protein (MGP-40) secreted during involutionMohanty A.K.; Singh G.; Paramasivam M.; Saravanan K.; Jabeen T.; Sharma S.; Yadav S.; Kaur P.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish; Srinivasan A.; Singh T.P.
2013Molecular basis of glycosaminoglycan heparin binding to the chemokine CXCL1 dimerPoluri, Krishna Mohan; Joseph P.R.B.; Sawant K.V.; Rajarathnam K.
2021Molecular insights into substrate recognition and catalysis by phthalate dioxygenase from Comamonas testosteroniMahto J.K.; Neetu N.; Waghmode B.; Kuatsjah E.; Sharma M.; Sircar, Debabrata; Sharma, Ashwani Kumar; Tomar, Shailly; Eltis L.D.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish
2002Mycobacterium tuberculosis hemoglobin Hbo associates with membranes and stimulates cellular respiration of recombinant Escherichia coliPathania, R.; Navani, Naveen Kumar; Rajamohan G.; Dikshit K.L.
2001Protein intermediate trapped by the simultaneous crystallization process. Crystal structure of an iron-saturated intermediate in the Fe3+ binding pathway of camel lactoferrin at 2.7 a resolutionKhan J.A.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish; Srinivasan A.; Singh T.P.
2011Retuning rieske-type oxygenases to expand substrate rangeMohammadi M.; Viger J.-F.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish; Barriault D.; Bolin J.T.; Sylvestre M.
2007The tautomeric half-reaction of BphD, a C-C bond hydrolase: Kinetic and structural evidence supporting a key role for histidine 265 of the catalytic triadHorsman G.P.; Bhowmik S.; Seah S.Y.K.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish; Bolin J.T.; Eltis L.D.
2018The unusual glycine-rich C terminus of the Acinetobacter baumannii RNA chaperone Hfq plays an important role in bacterial physiologySharma A.; Dubey V.; Sharma R.; Devnath K.; Gupta V.K.; Akhter J.; Bhando T.; Verma A.; Ambatipudi, Kiran S.; Sarkar M.; Pathania, R.