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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Diurnal, seasonal and latitudinal variations of ionospheric temperatures of the topside F region over the Indian region during solar minimum (1995-1996)Sharma D.K.; Rai J.; Israil, Mohammad; Subrahmanyam P.
2018Effect of geomagnetic storm conditions on the equatorial ionization anomaly and equatorial temperature anomalyBharti G.; Bag T.; Sunil Krishna, M. V.
2012Effect of solar activity on the latitudinal variation of peak emission rate of 557.7nm dayglow emission under equinox conditionsThirupathaiah P.; Sunil Krishna, M. V.; Singh V.
2004Enhancement in ionospheric temperatures during thunderstormsSharma D.K.; Rai J.; Israil, Mohammad; Subrahmanyam P.; Chopra P.; Garg S.C.
2021Evidence for simultaneous occurrence of periodic and single dark band MSTIDs over geomagnetic low-mid latitude transition regionRathi R.; Yadav V.; Mondal S.; Sarkhel, Sumanta; Sunil Krishna, M. V.; Upadhayaya A.K.
2021Interaction between nighttime MSTID and mid-latitude field-aligned plasma depletion structure over the transition region of geomagnetic low-mid latitude: First results from Hanle, IndiaYadav V.; Rathi R.; Gaur G.; Sarkhel, Sumanta; Chakrabarty D.; Sunil Krishna, M. V.; Pavan Chaitanya P.; Patra A.K.; Choudhary R.K.; Pant T.K.; Upadhayaya A.K.
2012Investigation on mesospheric gravity waves over Indian low latitude stations using sodium airglow observations and a few case studies based on thermal and wind structuresSarkhel, Sumanta; Sekar R.; Chakrabarty D.; Guharay A.
2021Multi-instrument observations of SCIPS: 1. ISR and GPS TEC resultsDinsmore R.; Mathews J.D.; Coster A.; Robinson R.M.; Sarkhel, Sumanta; Erickson P.J.; Urbina J.
2013On the variability of the terdiurnal tide over a Brazilian equatorial station using meteor radar observationsGuharay A.; Batista P.P.; Clemesha B.R.; Sarkhel, Sumanta; Buriti R.A.
2006Signature of seismic activities in the F2 region ionospheric electron temperatureSharma D.K.; Israil, Mohammad; Chand R.; Rai J.; Subrahmanyam P.; Garg S.C.
2011Solar influence on the redline dayglow emission under equinox conditionsSunil Krishna, M. V.; Singh V.
2003Summer variations of the atmospheric aerosol number concentration over Roorkee, IndiaSharma D.K.; Rai J.; Israil, Mohammad; Singh P.
2005Variation of electron and ion temperatures ratio over the Indian region during the period 1995-1999 as measured by SROSS-C2 satelliteSharma D.K.; Chand R.; Israil, Mohammad; Rai J.
2014Weighted mean temperature model for extra tropical region of IndiaSingh D.; Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar; Kashyap D.