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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A quantitative model for stabilization effect induced by ferroelectric agingBao H.; Xue D.; Wang Y.; Gao J.; Zhang L.; Yang S.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Ren X.
2012Argon plasma modeling with detailed fine-structure cross sectionsGangwar R.K.; Sharma, Lalita K.; Srivastava, Rajesh; Stauffer A.D.
2008Basic nanosystems of early 4d and 5d transition metals: Electronic properties and the effect of spin-orbit interactionBala A.; Nautiyal, Tashi; Auluck S.
2017Charge transport in quantum dot organic solar cells with Si quantum dots sandwiched between poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) absorber and bathocuproine (BCP) transport layersVerma U.K.; Kumar, Brijesh
2015Comparative study of donor-induced quantum dots in Si nano-channels by single-electron transport characterization and Kelvin probe force microscopyTyszka K.; Moraru D.; Samanta, Arup; Mizuno T.; Jabłoński R.; Tabe M.
2012Comparing direct charge injection and Forster energy transfer into quantum dots in hybrid organic/inorganic quantum dot light emitting devicesKumar, Brijesh; Hue R.; Gladfelter W.L.; Campbell S.A.
2012Defect mediated reversible ferromagnetism in Co and Mn doped zinc oxide epitaxial filmsMal S.; Nori S.; Mula, Suhrit; Narayan J.; Prater J.T.
1989Differential and total cross sections for the elastic scattering of 1-1000-eV electrons from silicon using the optical modelSrivastava, Rajesh; Williamson Jr. W.
2014Double gated single molecular transistor for charge detectionRay S.J.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2018Effect of synthesis route on structure and dielectric properties of (1-x)BiFeO 3 -xBaTiO 3 solid solutions and its phase diagramSingh A.; Kumar, Arun; Pandey D.
2012Electronic and optical properties of free-standing and supported vanadium nanowiresSingh P.; Nautiyal, Tashi; Auluck S.
2012Electronic and vibrational properties of vanadium-carbide nanowiresSingh P.; Nautiyal, Tashi; Auluck S.
2006Electronic structure and optical properties of rare earth sesquioxides (R2 O3, R=La, Pr, and Nd)Singh N.; Saini S.M.; Nautiyal, Tashi; Auluck S.
1994Electronic structure and the Stoner I parameter for RPd3 compounds (R=La, Ce, Pr, and Nd)Nautiyal, Tashi; Kashyap A.; Auluck S.; Brooks M.S.S.
2014Enhancement of exchange bias and training effect in ion-beam sputtered Fe46Mn54/Ni81Fe19bilayersFulara, Himanshu; Chaudhary S.; Kashyap S.C.; Granville S.
2013Exchange bias effect in NiMnSb/CrN heterostructures deposited by magnetron sputteringSharma Akkera H.; Barman R.; Kaur N.; Choudhary N.; Kaur, Davinder
2021Experimental and theoretical study of magnetization and magnetocaloric effect in Nd1-xSmxFeO3Rajput S.; B. P.; Singh A.; Anas M.; Malik, Vivek K.K.; Maitra, Tulika
2006Growth of CuCI thin films by magnetron sputtering for ultraviolet optoelectronic applicationsNatarajan G.; Daniels S.; Cameron D.C.; O'Reilly L.; Mitra, Anirban; McNally P.J.; Lucas O.F.; Kumar R.T.R.; Reid I.; Bradley A.L.
2016High temperature and low pressure chemical vapor deposition of silicon nitride on AlGaN: Band offsets and passivation studiesReddy P.; Washiyama S.; Kaess F.; Hayden Breckenridge M.; Hernandez-Balderrama L.H.; Haidet B.B.; Alden D.; Franke A.; Sarkar, Biplab; Kohn E.; Collazo R.; Sitar Z.
2020In vitro and ex vivo relaxometric properties of ethylene glycol coated gadolinium oxide nanoparticles for potential use as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imagingChaturvedi A.; Pranjali P.; Meher M.K.; Raj R.; Basak M.; Singh R.K.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Kumar D.; Guleria A.