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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20103D numerical simulations of ductile targets subjected to oblique impact by sharp nosed projectilesIqbal, Mohammad Ashraf; Gupta G.; Gupta N.K.
2015A micropolar peridynamic theory in linear elasticityRoy Chowdhury, Shubhankar; Masiur Rahaman M.; Roy D.; Sundaram N.
2016A peridynamic theory for linear elastic shellsRoy Chowdhury, Shubhankar; Roy P.; Roy D.; Reddy J.N.
2014A study of different modes of collapse in metallic hemispherical shells resting on flat platen and compressed with hemispherical nosed indenterGupta, P. K.; Gupta N.K.
2007Effect of projectile nose shape, impact velocity and target thickness on deformation behavior of aluminum platesGupta N.K.; Iqbal, Mohammad Ashraf; Sekhon G.S.
2021Effect of viscoelasticity on the nonlinear dynamic behavior of dielectric elastomer minimum energy structuresKhurana A.; Kumar A.; Raut S.K.; Sharma A.K.; Joglekar, Manish M.
2019Improved formability prediction by modeling evolution of anisotropy of steel sheetsBandyopadhyay K.; Basak, Shamik; Prasad K.S.; Lee M.-G.; Panda S.K.; Lee J.
2018Progressive damage through interface microcracking in cementitious composites: A micromechanics based approachDutta, Sudakshina; Chandra Kishen J.M.
2021Strain gradient enhanced chemo-mechanical modeling of fracture in cathode materials for lithium-ion batteriesSingh A.; Pal, Siladitya
2021Unraveling interactions of resonances for tunable low frequency bandgap in multiphase metamaterials under applied deformationKumar N.; Pal, Siladitya