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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A coupled level set and volume of fluid method on unstructured grids for the direct numerical simulations of two-phase flows including phase changeSingh, Nikhil Kumar; Premachandran B.
2004A numerical solution of composite heat transfer problems using meshless methodSingh, Indra Vir
2001A theoretical model of brick drying as a conjugate problemMurugesan, Krishnan; Suresh H.N.; Seetharamu K.N.; Aswatha Narayana P.A.; Sundararajan T.
2013A thermal non-equilibrium approach for 2D natural convection due to lateral heat flux: Square as well as slender enclosurePippal S.; Bera, P.
2014A thermal non-equilibrium approach on double-diffusive natural convection in a square porous-medium cavityBera, P.; Pippal S.; Sharma A.K.
2019A thermal non-equilibrium approach on thermo-solutal natural convection due to the lateral flux of heat and solute on enclosure walls: Multi-solutions and oscillationsBera, P.; Pippal S.; Khan A.
2019Aiding buoyancy mixed convection flow and thermal features across a periodic array of heated cylindersPravesh R.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar; Bharti, Ram Prakash
2014Analysis of mixing for electroosmotic flow in micro/nano channels with heterogeneous surface potentialNayak, Ameeya Kumar
2001Augmentation of heat transfer during filmwise condensation of steam and R-134a over single horizontal finned tubesKumar R.; Varma H.K.; Mohanty, Bikash; Agrawal K.N.
2002Boiling heat transfer from a vertical row of horizontal tubesKumar S.; Mohanty, Bikash; Gupta S.C.
1995Boiling heat transfer in small horizontal tube bundles at low cross-flow velocitiesGupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Saini J.S.; Varma H.K.
2015CFD analysis of power-law fluid flow and heat transfer around a confined semi-circular cylinderKumar A.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar; Baranyi L.
2013Computer simulation of momentum and heat transfer across an expanded trapezoidal bluff bodyDhiman, Amit Kumar; Ghosh R.
2007Condensation heat transfer of R-134a inside a microfin tube with different tube inclinationsAkhavan-Behabadi M.A.; Kumar R.; Mohseni S.G.
2018Conjugate heat and species transport in an air filled ventilated enclosure with a thermo-contaminated blockGupta N.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar; Malik S.
2012Double-diffusive mixed convection in a vertical pipe: A thermal non-equilibrium approachBera, P.; Kapoor S.; Khandelwal M.K.
2002Double-diffusive natural convection in an anisotropic porous cavity with opposing buoyancy forces: Multi-solutions and oscillationsBera, P.; Khalili A.
2008Effect of temperature and flow nonuniformity on transient behaviour of crossflow heat exchangerMishra, Manish; Das P.K.; Sarangi S.
2016Enhanced nodal gradient 3D consecutive-interpolation tetrahedral element (CTH4) for heat transfer analysisNguyen M.N.; Bui T.Q.; Truong T.T.; Trinh N.A.; Singh, Indra Vir; Yu T.; Doan D.H.
2005Enhancement of boiling heat transfer in a 5 × 3 tube bundleGupta, Akhilesh Kumar