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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A stochastic approach for the operation of a wind and pumped storage plant under a deregulated environmentDhillon J.; Kumar A.; Singal, Sunil Kumar
2021Analysis of ANN-based daily global horizontal irradiance prediction models with different meteorological parameters: a case study of mountainous region of IndiaKumari P.; Toshniwal, Durga
2012Bioconversion of hemicellulosic fraction of perennial kans grass (saccharum spontaneum) biomass to ethanol by pichia stipitis: A kinetic studySingh L.K.; Majumder C.B.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2019Cloning and expression of ?-amylase in E. coli: genesis of a superior biocatalyst for substrate-specific MFCNandy A.; Jana S.; Khamrai M.; Kumar V.; Mukherjee S.; Bhattacharyya A.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2013Cost analysis for electromechanical equipment in small hydropower projectsMishra S.; Singal, Sunil Kumar; Khatod, Dheeraj Kumar
2021Experimental investigation on heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics for roughened counter flow solar air collectorRavi R.K.; Kumar M.; Kumar M.; Saini, R. P.
2018Hydro-abrasive erosion in hydro turbines: a reviewSangal S.; Singhal, Mukesh Kumar; Saini R.P.
2016Production of bio-oil from algal biomass and its upgradation to biodiesel using CaO-based heterogeneous catalystsMalpani M.; Varma A.K.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2013Sizing and quantity estimation for desilting tank of small hydropower projects - An analytical approachMishra S.; Singal, Sunil Kumar; Khatod, Dheeraj Kumar
2016The synergistic effect of air mass on outdoor performance for different PV module in IndiaBora B.; Kumar A.; Sastry O.S.; Dahiya R.; Bangar M.; Takashima T.; Bandyopadhyay B.
2019Use of artificial roughness for performance enhancement of solar air heaters—a reviewPrakash C.; Saini, R. P.