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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20133D finite-element dynamic analysis of rigid pavement using infinite elementsPatil V.A.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu; Deb K.
2020A Simplified Method for Seismic Design of Cantilever Sheet Pile Walls under Infinite Uniform Surcharge LoadSingh A.P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2017Bearing capacity of shallow strip foundations in sand under eccentric and oblique loadsGanesh R.; Khuntia S.; Sahoo J.P.
2019Behavior and Critical Failure Modes of Strip Foundations on Slopes under Seismic and Structural LoadingRaj D.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Kaynia A.M.
2018Behavior of slopes under multiple adjacent footings and buildingsRaj D.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Kaynia A.M.
2020Coupled Bearing Capacity Factor for Strip Foundations on Cohesive-Frictional Soil Slopes under Static and Seismic ConditionsGanesh R.; Sahoo J.P.
2006Design of a rigid cutoff wallSingh A.K.; Mishra G.C.; Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Ojha, C. S. P.
2017Discussion of "experimental and numerical studies of circular footing resting on confined granular subgrade adjacent to slope" by W. R. Azzam and A. Z. ElwakilShukla R.P.; Jakka, Ravi Sankar
2016Effect of pile group configurations on nonlinear dynamic responseLadhane K.B.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu
2012Effects of separation on the behavior of soil-pile interaction in liquefiable soilsSarkar R.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2021Experimental Study of Laterally Loaded Pile Group in Square Arrangement near Sloping GroundKhati B.S.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu
2021Generalized Interaction Diagrams for Caisson Foundations in Layered Soil under Seismic ConditionsKumar M.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2018Kinematic limit analysis approach for seismic active earth thrust coefficients of cohesive-frictional backfillSahoo J.P.; Ganesh R.
2019Long-Term Response of Consolidating Soft Clays around a Pile considering Non-Darcian FlowMishra, Anumita; Patra N.R.
2014Modeling using coupled FEM-SBFEM for three-dimensional seismic SSI in time domainSyed N.M.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2021Nail Forces and Locus of Maximum Tension of Nailed Cut Subjected to Seismic Excitations: A Calculus Approach with Log-Spiral Failure SurfaceKokane A.K.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu; Sahoo J.P.
2017Nonlinear deformation analysis of geocell reinforcement in pavementsMaheshwari, Priti; Babu G.L.S.
2016Numerical analysis of earth embankment resting on liquefiable soil and remedial measuresBhatnagar S.; Kumari S.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu
2017Numerical and experimental investigations of granular anchor piles in loose sandy soil subjected to uplift loadingKranthikumar A.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu; Kumar P.; Shukla S.K.
2008Numerical implementation of anisotropic continuum model for rock massesSamadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Viladkar M.N.; Al-Obaydi M.A.