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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A new closed form method for design of variable bandwidth linear phase FIR filter using Bernstein multiwaveletsSuman S.; Kumar A.; Singh, Girish Kumar
2017An improved design method based on polyphase components for digital FIR filtersKumar A.; Kuldeep B.; Singh, Girish Kumar; Lee H.N.
2000Conceptual design of a 42 GHz, 200 kW gyrotron operating in the TE5,2 modeKartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Borie E.; Piosczyk B.; Lamba O.S.; Singh V.V.P.; MÃbius A.; Bandopadhyay H.N.; Thumm M.
2009Crosstalk analysis of simultaneously switching interconnectsKumar Kaushik, Brajesh; Sarkar S.; Agarwal R.P.; Joshi R.C.
2014Effect of coupling parasitics and CMOS driver width on transition time for dynamic inputsSharma D.K.; Kumar Kaushik, Brajesh; Sharma R.K.
2016Enhanced power quality based single phase photovoltaic distributed generation systemPanda A.; Pathak, M. K.; Srivastava S.P.
2016Impact of malicious servers over trust and reputation models in wireless sensor networksVerma V.K.; Singh S.; Pathak, Nagendra Prasad
2002Ionizing radiation-induced effects in an ion-implanted MOSFET: A two-dimensional analytical modelDasgupta, Sudeb; Chauhan R.K.; Singh G.; Chakrabarti P.
2017Modelling, design and stability analysis of an improved SEPIC converter for renewable energy systemsDileep G.; Singh S.N.; Singh, Girish Kumar
2021Robust low power transmission gate (TG) based 9T SRAM cell with isolated read and write operationGupta R.; Dasgupta, Sudeb
2001Semi-numerical modelling of an n-channel irradiated MOSFETDasgupta, Sudeb; Chakrabarti P.
2018Slantlet filter-bank-based satellite image enhancement using gamma-corrected knee transformationSingh H.; Kumar A.; Balyan L.K.; Singh, Girish Kumar
1990Study of extrinsic interface states at the Al/Si interface from capacitance-voltage characteristicsSrivastava P.C.; Singh U.P.
2020VLSI Implementation of Wave Shaping Diode based Adiabatic Logic (WSDAL)Kumar, Dinesh Senthil; Kumar M.