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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991A higher-order difference method for 3-d parabolic partial differential equations with nonlinear first derivative termsJain, Manoj Kumar; Jain R.K.; Mohanty R.K.
2018A numerical algorithm for computation modelling of 3D nonlinear wave equations based on exponential modified cubic B-spline differential quadrature methodShukla H.S.; Tamsir M.; Jiwari, Ram; Srivastava V.K.
2001An optimum generalized trapezoidal formula for the numerical integration of y′=f(x,y)Jain, Manoj Kumar
2002An unconditionally stable ADI method for the linear hyperbolic equation in three space dimensionsMohanty R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Arora U.
2008Computing the curve-skeletons of imagesSaraf Y.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Krishnan S.
2015Constructions of q-ary functions with good global avalanche characteristicsSingh D.; Bhaintwal, Maheshanand; Singh B.K.
2007Error estimation in reconstruction of quadratic curves in 3D spaceSukavanam, Nagarajan; Balasubramanian R.; Kumar S.
1996Finite difference methods of order two and four for 2-D non-linear biharmonic problems of first kindMohanty R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Pandey P.K.
1990High order difference methods for system of 1-d nonlinear parabolic partial differential equationsJain, Manoj Kumar; Jain R.K.; Mohanty R.K.
2009High-accuracy cubic spline alternating group explicit methods for 1D quasi-linear parabolic equationsMohanty R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar
2017Negacyclic codes of length 2k overBandi R.K.; Bhaintwal, Maheshanand
2011On lower bounds of second-order nonlinearities of cubic bent functions constructed by concatenating Gold functionsGode R.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata
1990On the numerical integration of a singular two-point boundary value problemChawla M.M.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Subramanian R.
2016Sensitivity analysis of nonlinear fractional order control systems with state delaySrinivasan V.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan
2000Solving linear differential equations as a minimum norm least squares problem with error-boundsJain, Manoj Kumar; Ramful A.; Sen S.K.
2013Some results on q-ary bent functionsSingh D.; Bhaintwal, Maheshanand; Singh B.K.
1991The numerical solution of the two-dimensional unsteady navier-stokes equations using fourth-order difference methodJain, Manoj Kumar; Jain R.K.; Mohanty R.K.