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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20213-D macro/microporous-nanofibrous bacterial cellulose scaffolds seeded with BMP-2 preconditioned mesenchymal stem cells exhibit remarkable potential for bone tissue engineeringDubey S.; Mishra R.; Roy, Partha; Singh, Rajesh Pratap
2021A potential type-II L-asparaginase from marine isolate Bacillus australimaris NJB19: Statistical optimization, in silico analysis and structural modelingChakravarty N.; Priyanka; Singh J.; Singh, Rajesh Pratap
2020A review on the synthesis of graft copolymers of chitosan and their potential applicationsKumar D.; Gihar S.; Shrivash M.K.; Kumar P.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2017Acyl chain preference and inhibitor identification of Moraxella catarrhalis LpxA: Insight through crystal structure and computational studiesPratap S.; Kesari P.; Yadav R.; Dev A.; Narwal M.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish
2020An insight into the complete biophysical and biochemical characterization of novel class A beta-lactamase (Bla1) from Bacillus anthracisBhattacharya S.; Junghare V.; Pandey N.K.; Ghosh D.; Patra H.; Hazra, Saugata
2018Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of polyvinyl alcohol bio composite films containing seaweed extracted cellulose nano-crystal and basil leaves extractSingh Suman; Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.; Youn Suk Lee
2018Binding of anticancer drug daunomycin to parallel G-quadruplex DNA [d-(TTGGGGT)]4 leads to thermal stabilization: A multispectroscopic investigationTariq Z.; Barthwal, Ritu.
2021Cellulose nanocrystals‑silver nanoparticles-reduced graphene oxide based hybrid PVA nanocomposites and its antimicrobial propertiesPal N.; Banerjee S.; Roy, Partha; Pal, Kaushik
2017Combined effect of cellulose nanocrystal and reduced graphene oxide into poly-lactic acid matrix nanocomposite as a scaffold and its anti-bacterial activityPal N.; Dubey P.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Pal, Kaushik
2018Crystal structure of chikungunya virus nsP2 cysteine protease reveals a putative flexible loop blocking its active siteNarwal M.; Singh H.; Pratap S.; Malik A.; Kuhn R.J.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish; Tomar, Shailly
2019Curcumin entrapped gelatin/ionically modified bacterial cellulose based self-healable hydrogel film: An eco-friendly sustainable synthesis method of wound healing patchKhamrai M.; Banerjee S.L.; Paul S.; Samanta S.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2021Development and characterization of PVA-starch incorporated with coconut shell extract and sepiolite clay as an antioxidant film for active food packaging applicationsTanwar R.; Gupta V.; Kumar P.; Kumar A.; Singh S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2019Development of a nanocomposite scaffold of gelatin–alginate–graphene oxide for bone tissue engineeringPurohit S.D.; Bhaskar R.; Singh H.; Yadav I.; Gupta M.K.; Mishra, Narayan Chandra
2017Development of bone-like zirconium oxide nanoceramic modified chitosan based porous nanocomposites for biomedical applicationBhowmick A.; Pramanik N.; Jana P.; Mitra T.; Gnanamani A.; Das M.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2021Dissecting the anti-biofilm potency of kappa-carrageenan capped silver nanoparticles against Candida speciesGupta P.; Goel A.; Singh K.R.; Meher M.K.; Gulati K.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2020Dissecting the differential structural and dynamics features of CCL2 chemokine orthologsJoshi N.; Nagar N.; Gulati K.; Gangele K.; Mishra A.; Kumar D.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2018Effect of N-linked glycosylation on the activity and stability of a β-glucosidase from Putranjiva roxburghiiKar B.; Verma P.; Den Haan R.; Sharma, Ashwani Kumar
2020Effect of urea concentration on instant refolding of Nuclear Export Protein (NEP) from Influenza-A virus H1N1: A solution NMR based investigationJaiswal N.; Agarwal N.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Kumar D.
2020Exquisite binding interaction of 18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid with histone like DNA binding protein of Helicobacter pylori: A computational and experimental studyRaj R.; Agarwal N.; Raghavan S.; Chakraborti T.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Kumar D.
2017From rotten grapes to industrial exploitation: Komagataeibacter europaeus SGP37, a micro-factory for macroscale production of bacterial nanocelluloseDubey S.; Sharma R.K.; Agarwal P.; Singh J.; Sinha N.; Singh, Rajesh Pratap