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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A novel technique to compute static and dynamic performance characteristics of aerostatic thrust bearingYadav S.K.; Rajput A.K.; Ram N.; Sharma, Satish Chandra
2013A study of misaligned hole-entry worn journal bearing operating in turbulent regimeRam N.; Sharma, Satish Chandra
2009A study of misaligned roughened two-lobe hole-entry hybrid journal bearingBasavaraja J.S.; Sharma, Satish Chandra; Jain S.
2018A study on performance of slot entry hybrid journal bearing considering effect of surface irregularitiesSahu K.; Sharma, Satish Chandra
2019Abrasive wear analysis of RZ5/TiC in-situ composites: a statistical approachMehra D.; Mahapatra M.M.; Harsha, Suraj Prakash
2017Behaviour of two-lobe hole-entry hybrid journal bearing system under the combined influence of textured surface and micropolar lubricantKhatri C.B.; Sharma, Satish Chandra
2018Effect of wear parameters on dry abrasive wear of RZ5-TiC in situ compositeMehra D.; Mahapatra M.M.; Harsha, Suraj Prakash
2020Influence of micro-groove attributes on frictional power loss and load-carrying capacity of hybrid thrust bearingKumar V.; Sharma, Satish Chandra; Narwat K.
2010Influence of pocket-size on misaligned hole-entry journal bearingSharma, Satish Chandra; Jain S.; Basavaraja J.S.; Sharma N.
2014Influence of wear on the performance of hole-entry hybrid misaligned journal bearing in turbulent regimeRam N.; Sharma, Satish Chandra
2019Magneto-hydrostatic lubrication of thrust bearings considering different configurations of recessKumar V.; Sharma, Satish Chandra
2018Optimizations of RZ5-TiC magnesium matrix composite wear parameters using Taguchi approachMehra D.; Mahapatra M.M.; Harsha, Suraj Prakash
2012Performance of a noncircular 2-lobe multirecess hydrostatic journal bearing with wearSharma, Satish Chandra; Phalle V.M.; Jain S.C.
2021Rotor-dynamic performance of porous hydrostatic thrust bearing operating under magnetic fieldKumar V.; Shah V.A.; Singh S.J.; Narwat K.; Sharma, Satish Chandra
2014Slurry erosion performance of CeO2-modified Ni-WC coatingsPurkayastha S.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2009Some studies on slurry erosion of flame sprayed Ni-Cr-Si-B coatingArji R.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar; Gupta S.R.
2010Study of two-lobe four recessed hybrid journal bearingJain S.; Sharma, Satish Chandra; Basavaraja J.S.; Kushare P.