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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Effect of phosphorus and bioinoculants and their residual effect on succeeding chickpea (Cicer arietinum)Kumawat N.; Yadav R.K.; Singh M.; Dudwe T.S.; Tomar I.S.
2016Effect of planting densities on productivity of different cultivars in apple (Malus x domestica)Mir J.I.; Ahmed N.; Singh D.B.; Sharma O.C.; Sharma A.; Shafi W.; Zaffer S.; Hamid A.
2018Enhancement of apple (Malus domestica) productivity and soil health through organic fertilization and bio-inoculants under north-western Himalayan region of IndiaKumar S.; Sharma A.; Sharma V.K.; Rosin K.G.; Kumar D.
2009Evaluation of some insecticides for the management of Agrotis segetumKumar, Pradeep; Chandel Y.S.; Kumar S.
2018Integrated fertilization: An approach for higher apple (Malus domestica) productivity and ecological health of soilKumar S.; Sharma A.; Sharma V.K.; Ahmed N.; Rosin K.G.; Sharma O.C.
2014Performance of different weed management treatments on heat use efficiency of chickpea crop (Cicer arietinum) under rainfed conditions of JammuGupta V.; Singh M.; Kumar J.; Kumar A.; Singh B.N.
2002Rate of grain growth in advanced wheat (Triticum aestivum) accession under late-sown environmentRane J.; Chauhan, Harsh
2019Soil and weather based yield prediction model for rainfed areasSharma A.; Arora S.; Sharma V.; Arya V.M.; Sharma S.K.