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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A full scale fire test on a pre-damaged RC framed structureShah A.H.; Sharma, Umesh KumarK.; Bhargava, Pradeep; Reddy P.K.G.R.; Singh T.; Lakhani H.
2014A pilot investigation for comparative assessment of corrosion durability of reinforced concrete beamsArora H.C.; Sharma, Umesh KumarK.; Rao B.K.; Chakraborty A.
2008Clean rooms: Planning, design and constructionSingh, Bhupinder N..
2006Confinement of Steel Fiber Reinforced High strength Concrete Short ColumnsSharma U. K.; Bhargava P.; Kaushik S.K.
2006Confinement of steel fibre-reinforced HSC short columnsSharma, Umesh KumarK.; Bhargava, Pradeep; Kaushik S.K.
2013Creep and shrinkage behaviour of HPCJayakumar K.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Bhandari N.M.
2010Damage behaviour study of an RC frame model under quasi-static testingVinayak H.K.; Kumar A.; Agarwal P.; Thakkar S.K.
2007Design aid for shear strength of steel fibre based concreteTantary M.A.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Prasad J.
2017Durability and serviceability performance of GFRP rebars as concrete reinforcementRajput A.S.; Sharma, Umesh KumarK.
2005Evaluation of confinement reinforcement requirements of IS 13920: 1993 for RC columnsSharma, Umesh Kumar; Bhargava, Pradeep; Kaushik S.K.; Bhowmick R.
2001Fibre reinforced concrete opening cornersSingh, Bhupinder N..; Kaushik S.K.
2009High-early strength SCC for a flyover project in MumbaiJain, Manoj Kumar; Govilkar S.D.; Bhandare U.
2019Improvement of Fire resistance of Reinforced concrete colu mns by using diamond tie configurationBuch S.H.; Sharma, Umesh KumarK.
2015Inelastic behaviour of RC beams with steel fibre and polymer grid confinementSiva Chidambaram R.; Agarwal P.
2002Influence of steel-making processes on the quality of reinforcementSingh, Bhupinder N..; Kaushik S.K.
2017Influence of various exposure conditions on the structural performance of sandwich wall panelsVishnu B.; Chauhan A.; Roy D.; Sharma, Umesh KumarK.
2004Post Peak Behavior of Confined Fibre Reinforced Concrete ColumnsSharma U. K.; Bhargava P.; Kaushik S.K.
2004Post-peak behaviour of confined fibre-reinforced concrete columnsSharma, Umesh Kumar; Bhargava, Pradeep; Kaushik S.K.
2013Practical shear design of RC beams using modified compression field theorySingh, Bhupinder N..
2009SCC mixes with limestone and chalk powder - The Indian experienceSingh, Bhupinder N..; Kumar R.; Mukati A.S.