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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Cognitive Viewpoint on Building Detection from Remotely Sensed Multispectral ImagesChandra N.; Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar
2021A Committee Machine Neural Network for Dynamic and its Inverse Modeling of Distortions and Impairments in Wireless TransmittersBhatt M.; Rawat, Meenakshi; Mathur S.
2014A fully integrated dual-band CMOS power amplifier using a variable switched interstage matching networkBhattacharya R.; Gupta R.; Basu A.; Rawat, Karun; Koul S.K.
2019A Hybridized Fuzzy-Neural Predictive Intelligent (HFNPI) Modelling Approach-based Underlap FinFET ModelSharma S.M.; Dasgupta, Sudeb; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata
2012A modified probabilistic neural network-based algorithm for detecting turn faults in induction machinesSeshadrinath, Jeevanand; Singh B.; Panigrahi B.
2013A novel approach to reduce leakage current in ULP SRAMSingh S.; Kumar Kaushik, Brajesh
2021A Novel Flux State-based Control Method for Improved Dynamic Performance of Induction MotorMohan H.; Pathak, M. K.; Dwivedi S.K.
2016A novel order reduction approach for LTI systems using cuckoo search optimization and stability equationNarwal A.; Prasad, Basheshwar RajendraR.
2010A statistical approach for fault diagnosis in electrical machinesKhwaja H.A.; Gupta S.P.; Kumar V.
2020Analysis of Cascaded Buck–Boost Inverter for PMLG-Based Ocean Wave Energy ConverterMaurya A.K.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2013Application of feed forward and recurrent neural network topologies for the modeling and identification of binary distillation columnSingh A.; Tyagi, Barjeev; Kumar, Vishal Venkatesh
2020Asymmetrically Switched CHB Multilevel Inverters with Harmonic Mitigation Techniques Applied to Photovoltaic Power GenerationSen Goopta R.; Bhattacharya, Avik
2020Board-Level Ku-Band Power Amplifier: Design and ChallengesSinghal H.K.; Rawat, Karun
2019Coefficient Reduction Method for Stopband Ripple Minimization of IFIR FilterChandra S.; Sharma, Ambalika; Singh, Girish Kumar
2010Comparing the performance of ultrasonic liver image enhancement techniques: A preference studyShrimali V.; Anand, Radhey Shyam; Kumar V.
1993Computer aided study of some re-entrant cavity structures for klystronsKartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Joshi L.M.; Sinha A.K.; Bandopadhyay H.N.; Venkateswarlu D.S.
2014Cuckoo search algorithm for emission reliable economic multi-objective dispatch problemChandrasekaran K.; Simon S.P.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad
1998Design of circular microstrip antenna using neural networksMishra R.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu
2020Design of FOPID Controller Using BBBC via ZN Tuning Approach: Simulation and Experimental ValidationJain S.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay
2015Design of Single Input Fuzzy Logic Controller for Shunt Active Power FilterSuresh D.; Singh, Sajjanpal