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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A family of ISI-free polynomial pulsesChandan S.; Sandeep P.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2012A frequency demodulation technique based on sliding DFT phase locking scheme for large variation FM signalsSumathi, Parasuraman
2006A hybrid time divisioning scheme for power allocation in DMT-based DSL systemsGarg A.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2006A low complexity symbol timing estimator for MIMO systems using two samples per symbolRajawat K.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2016A new family of time-limited nyquist pulses for OFDM SystemsSharique M.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2008ABER of dual predetection EGC in correlated Nakagami-m fading channels with arbitrary mPatel P.; Sahu P.R.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2016Breathe to Save Energy: Assigning Downlink Transmit Power and Resource Blocks to LTE Enabled IoT NetworksKotagi V.J.; Thakur, Rahul; Mishra S.; Murthy C.S.R.
2010Closed form BER expressions for BPSK OFDM systems with frequency offsetMahesh R.U.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2013Conditional entropy based user selection for multiuser MIMO systemsGupta G.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2006Construction of turbo code interleavers from 3-regular Hamiltonian graphsMazumdar A.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar; Banerjee A.
2021Coordinated and non-coordinated direct-and-relay transmission: A signal space diversity approachPandey G.; Jaiswal, Anshul K.
2021Cyclic LRC-LCD Codes with Hierarchical LocalityRajput C.; Bhaintwal, Maheshanand
2010Finite duration root Nyquist pulses with maximum in-band fractional energyNigam G.; Singh R.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2013Flexible and Dynamic Power Allocation in Broadband Multi-Beam SatellitesSrivastava Nitish Kumar; Chaturvedi A.K.
2007Generalization of hybrid time divisioning for power allocation in DMT-based DSL systemsGarg A.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2005ISI-free pulses with reduced sensitivity to timing errorsSandeep P.; Chandan S.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2018Joint Power Allocation for OFDM-Based Non-Concurrent Two-Way AF RelayingBabu P.S.; Budhiraja R.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2016Moving-Window DFT Based Frequency-Locked Loop for FM DemodulationSingh K.M.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2018New Block-Based Spatial ModulationGadhai S.; Sah, Abhay Kumar; Singh A.K.; Budhiraja R.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2008On the connectivity of circularly distributed nodes in ad hoc wireless networksMisra A.; Teltia G.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar