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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A clear and present danger: Ladakh's increasing vulnerability to flash floods and debris flowsZiegler A.D.; Cantarero S.I.; Wasson R.J.; Srivastava, P.; Spalzin S.; Chow W.T.L.; Gillen J.
2006A relook at NEH-4 curve number data and antecedent moisture condition criteriaMishra, Surendra Kumar; Singh V.P.
2004A supplementary approach for estimating reaeration rate coefficientsJha R.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Bhatia K.K.S.
2007An advanced soil moisture accounting procedure for SCS curve number methodSahu R.K.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Eldho T.I.; Jain, Manoj Kumar
2010An improved AMC-coupled runoff curve number modelSahu R.K.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Eldho T.I.
2014Application of semi-distributed hydrological model for basin level water balance of the Ken basin of Central IndiaMurty P.S.; Pandey, Ashish; Suryavanshi S.
2009Application of the WEPP model for prioritization and evaluation of best management practices in an Indian watershedPandey, Ashish; Chowdary V.M.; Mal B.C.; Billib M.
1999Calibration and validation of a general infiltration modelMishra, Surendra Kumar; Kumar S.R.; Singh V.P.
2005Catchment area-based evaluation of the AMC-dependent SCS-CN-based rainfall-runoff modelsMishra, Surendra Kumar; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Pandey R.P.; Singh V.P.
2011Comparative study of neural network, fuzzy logic and linear transfer function techniques in daily rainfall-runoff modelling under different input domainsLohani A.K.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Bhatia K.K.S.
2003Comparison of infiltration modelsMishra, Surendra Kumar; Tyagi J.V.; Singh V.P.
2006Effect of climate change on runoff of a glacierized Himalayan basinSingh P.; Arora M.; Goel, Narendra Kumar
2005Errors of kinematic wave and diffusion wave approximations for time-independent flows with infiltration and momentum exchange includedSingh V.P.; Jain, Sharad Kumar; Sherif M.M.
2021Estimation of mass and energy balance of glaciers using a distributed energy balance model over the Chandra river basin (Western Himalaya)Patel A.; Goswami, Ajanta; Dharpure J.K.; Thamban M.; Sharma P.; Kulkarni A.V.; Oulkar S.
2012Evaluation of a probabilistic approach to simulation of alkalinity and electrical conductivity at a river bank filtration siteThakur A.K.; Singh V.P.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2011Evaluation of linear regression methods as downscaling tools in temperature projections over the Pichola Lake Basin in IndiaGoyal M.K.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2012Geospatially based distributed rainfall-runoff modelling for simulation of internal and outlet responses in a semi-forested lower Himalayan watershedRamsankaran R.; Kothyari U.C.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar; Malcherek A.; Murugesan, Krishnan
2011Hydrograph separation and precipitation source identification using stable water isotopes and conductivity: River Ganga at Himalayan foothillsMaurya, Abhayanand Singh; Shah M.; Deshpande R.D.; Bhardwaj R.M.; Prasad A.; Gupta S.K.
2003Hysteresis-based analysis of overland metal transportMishra, Surendra Kumar; Sansalone J.J.; Singh V.P.
2001Hysteresis-based flood-wave analysis using the concept of strainMishra, Surendra Kumar; Singh V.P.