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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Multi-criteria Decision-making Approach for Prioritizing Reverse Logistics Adoption Barriers under Fuzzy Environment: Case of Indian Electronics IndustryPrakash C.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2015A Review on Impact of Socialization Agents in Breeding Consumerism among ChildrenLenka, Usha; Vandana
2018Analysing the Interactions Among the Barriers of Supply Chain Performance Measurement: An ISM with Fuzzy MICMAC ApproachKatiyar R.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar; Meena P.L.
2016Assessment of Barriers in Green Supply Chain Management Using ISM: A Case Study of the Automobile Industry in IndiaBalon V.; Sharma A.K.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2013Consumer Adoption of Green Products: Modeling the EnablersNath V.; Kumar R.; Agrawal, Rajat; Gautam A.; Sharma, Vinay Kumar
2010Discounted cash flow and its implication on intangible valuationUzma S.H.; Singh, Jatinder Pal; Kumar N.
2013e-Applications in Indian Agri-Food Supply Chain: Relationship among EnablersKumar R.; Agrawal, Rajat; Sharma, Vinay Kumar
2017HR Practices, Learning Culture and Human Capital: A Study on Indian Business and Professional Service SectorSingh P.K.; Rao M.K.
2017Linking Emotional Intelligence to Knowledge Sharing Behaviour: Organizational Justice and Work Engagement as MediatorsTamta V.; Rao M.K.
2021Looking Beyond the Financial Numbers: The Relationship Between Macroeconomic Indicators and the Likelihood of Financial DistressHafeez A.; Kar, Sujata
2020Necessity or Opportunity Driven: Gender Differentials and Structural Changes of Proprietorship in the Indian Unorganized EnterprisesShuvam S.; Mohanty, Pratap Chandra
2016Perceived Mentoring Relationships and Career Outcomes—Results from the Indian Power SectorArora R.; Rangnekar, Santosh N.
2020Prioritizing Circular Supply Chain Management Barriers Using Fuzzy AHP: Case of the Indian Plastic IndustryKhandelwal C.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2016Research and development teams as a perennial source of competitive advantage in the innovation adoption processLenka, Usha; Gupta M.; Sahoo D.K.
2016Role Clarity and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: Does Tenure Matter? A Study on Indian Power SectorYadav M.; Rangnekar, Santosh N.
2016Role satisfaction and leadership: An approach to analyze the dynamics of relationshipsMalhotra R.S.; Rangnekar, Santosh N.
2016Service Quality Parameters for Mobile Government Services in IndiaChanana L.; Agrawal, Rajat; Punia D.K.
2010Soft and hard aspects of quality management practices influencing service quality and customer satisfaction in manufacturing-oriented servicesLenka, Usha; Suar D.; Mohapatra P.K.J.
2013Sustainability Marketing Strategy: An Analysis of Recent LiteratureKumar V.; Rahman, Zillur; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2016The Effects of Stress and Human Capital Perspective on Compulsive Buying: A Life Course Study in IndiaSingh R.; Nayak, Jogendra Kumar