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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Condensation heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of R-134a inside the flattened tubes at high mass flux and different saturation temperatureSolanki A.K.; Kumar R.
2016Correlations of Thermal Contact Conductance for Nominally Flat Metallic Contact in VacuumAsif M.; Tariq, Andallib
2018Detailed heat transfer and friction factor characteristics in a rectangular duct with alternate solid and converging-slit ribsSharma N.; Ali M.S.; Tariq, Andallib; Mishra, Manish
2014Effect of nozzle geometry on the rewetting of hot surface during jet impingement coolingAgarwal C.; Kumar R.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Chatterjee B.
2021Effect of ventilation on fire growth in diesel fueled compartment fireChaudhary A.; Tiwari M.K.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Kumar S.
2011Experimental investigation of the effect of flow arrangements on the performance of a micro-channel heat sinkSehgal S.S.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Mohapatra S.K.
2019Heat transfer and friction in rectangular solar air heater duct having spherical and inclined rib protrusions as roughness on absorber platePrakash C.; Saini, R. P.
2012Plumes dynamics and heat transfer over horizontal grooved surfacesSubudhi, Sudhakar; Arakeri J.H.