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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A new approach for optimization of small-scale RO membrane using artificial groundwaterGarg M.C.; Joshi, Himanshu
2019Alkali pretreatment of wheat straw followed by microbial hydrolysis for bioethanol productionTsegaye B.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Roy, Partha
2015Corrosivity of paper mill effluent and corrosion performance of stainless steelRam C.; Sharma, Chhaya; Singh A.K.
2017Effect of intermittent aeration strategies on treatment performance and microbial community of an IFAS reactor treating municipal waste waterSingh N.K.; Bhatia A.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2015Effect of physical property of supporting media and variable hydraulic loading on hydraulic characteristics of advanced onsite wastewater treatment systemSharma M.K.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2015Evaluation of re-aeration equations for river Ghataprabha, Karnataka, India and development of refined equationKalburgi P.B.; Jha R.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Deshannavar U.B.
2014Membrane autopsy based bio-fouling investigation of distillery spent wash RO treatment plantSharma P.; Joshi, Himanshu
2014Modified septic tank-anaerobic filter unit as a two-stage onsite domestic wastewater treatment systemSharma M.K.; Khursheed A.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2014Pathogen removal during wastewater treatment by vermifiltrationArora S.; Rajpal A.; Kumar T.; Bhargava R.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2012Physicochemical and thermal characteristics of the sludge produced after thermochemical treatment of petrochemical wastewaterVerma S.; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra; Mishra I.M.
2018Production of lipid-containing microalgal biomass and simultaneous removal of nitrate and phosphate from synthetic wastewaterPrasad M.S.V.; Varma A.K.; Kumari P.; Mondal, Prasenjit
2021Treatment of biologically treated distillery spent wash employing electrocoagulation and reverse-osmosis treatment trainSharma P.; Joshi, Himanshu; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra; Singh S.; Lo S.-L.
2021Use of artificial intelligence for optimizing biosorption of textile wastewater using agricultural wasteK A.; Kumar A.; Agarwal S.; Garg M.C.; Joshi, Himanshu