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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A homogenized multigrid XFEM to predict the crack growth behavior of ductile material in the presence of microstructural defectsKumar S.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.; Sharma K.; Khan I.A.
2020A length scale insensitive phase field model for brittle fracture of hyperelastic solidsMandal T.K.; Gupta A.; Nguyen V.P.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Vaucorbeil A.D.
2019A new framework based on continuum damage mechanics and XFEM for high cycle fatigue crack growth simulationsPandey V.B.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.; Ahmad S.; Venugopal Rao A.; Kumar V.
2021A new framework based on XFEM for cracked semipermeable piezoelectric materialJena J.; Singh S.K.; Gaur, Vidit; Singh, Indra Vir; Natarajan S.
2021A Strain-based continuum damage model for low cycle fatigue under different strain ratiosPandey V.B.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.
2020Adaptive mesh refinement schemes for the localizing gradient damage method based on biquadratic-bilinear coupled-field elementsSarkar S.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.
2019An experimental approach for characterization of fracture process zone in concreteBhowmik S.; Ray, Sonalisa
2018An improved crack propagation model for plain concrete under fatigue loadingBhowmik S.; Ray, Sonalisa
2020Analysis of cracked functionally graded piezoelectric material using XIGASingh S.K.; Singh, Indra Vir
2021Atomistic simulations to study crack tip behaviour in multi-elemental alloysKumar Singh S.; Parashar, Avinash
2021Crack propagation in reinforced concrete exposed to non-uniform corrosion under real climateChauhan A.; Sharma, Umesh Kumar
2021Extended isogeometric analysis for fracture in functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic materialSingh S.K.; Singh, Indra Vir
2019Fatigue crack growth simulations of plastically graded materials using XFEM and J-integral decomposition approachKumar M.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.
2010Fatigue crack propagation model for plain concrete - An analogy with population growthRay, Sonalisa; Chandra Kishen J.M.
2020Fatigue life assessment of concrete members under variable amplitude loading: An analytical approachRay, Sonalisa; Jeshna C.C.; Gupta N.
2018Mixed mode crack growth in elasto-plastic-creeping solids using XFEMKumar M.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.; Ahmad S.; Rao A.V.; Kumar V.
2021Multi-phase field modeling for various fracture mechanisms in compositesSingh A.; Pal, Siladitya
2020Numerical investigation of creep crack growth in plastically graded materials using C(t) and XFEMKumar M.; Singh, Indra Vir
2019Physically short and long-crack growth behavior of MIG welded Al-5.8%Mg alloyGaur, Vidit; Enoki M.; Yomogida S.
2018Role of aggregate debonding on the tensile response of concrete: A micromechanical approachDutta, Sudakshina; Chandra Kishen J.M.