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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Existence and uniqueness of solutions for quasi-linear differential equations with deviating argumentsHaloi R.; Bahuguna D.; Pandey, Dwijendra N.
2011Existence of mild solutions for impulsive fractional-order semilinear evolution equations with nonlocal conditionsChauhan A.; Dabas J.
2013Existence of piecewise continuous mild solutions for impulsive functional differential equations with iterated deviating argumentsKumar P.; Pandey, Dwijendra N.; Bahuguna D.
2013Impulsive neutral fractional integro-differential equations with state dependent delays and integral conditionDabas J.; Gautam G.R.
2012Integral boundary-value problem for impulsive fractional functional differential equations with infinite delayChauhan A.; Dabas J.; Kumar M.
2015Mild solutions for non-autonomous impulsive semi-linear differential equations with iterated deviating argumentsChadha A.; Pandey, Dwijendra N.